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  1. Compfire, I think I ran into you guys on Sunday. I had some of the Demon Hounds and guys from Bravo-1 UFS patrolling through to Pegasus bridge. We ran into about 7-10 of your guys, had a nice little firefight (which we lost), then we hung out a few minutes, cooled off and hydrated, and then went on our separate ways. That was a good time.
  2. I'm all sleeved up to hell at DDAP, for exactly the same reasons you are. Plus, the day that I don't will be the day I go right into a hill of ants.
  3. Big words and silly statements. Summing it up, milsim is all problem solving that results in shooting people somewhere along the line.
  4. My old rule on sunscreen is the same rule for bug repellant - if you don't want it bitten or burned, screen it and spray it.
  5. My concern is somewhat related, but mainly as a matter of communications failure. In ideal situations where everyone's comms work, no repeaters go down, and no interference hogs the net, rotating elements in and out of the fight would work. But since we have an imperfect world, I'd vote to keep the midday break in the game. If we want to add milsim elements in, other options can be looked at - branching objectives, randomly occurring events, pre-scripted sudden interferences (like temporary loss of medical supplies, temporary comms outages, reduced weapon allowances, etc). Most milsim elements are matters of mental exercise as applied to shooting things and positioning to shoot things. So really, you can still be hard milsim without risking field injuries.
  6. It's been ages since I've been on that field, too. I wonder how many of us have been on Stinger Field before this?
  7. I got the Demon Hound's PVC patches done through FlexSystems USA just over a year ago. I like that they put the stitching on the outside edge of the patch so the front of it that faces the viewer is pretty much seamless. My original design (see my avatar) was going to cost an arm and a leg, so they worked with me to find something in a price range I could live with by dropping my design into a circular mold. They match their PVC color to PMS colors, have great service and deliver very quickly. Here's their site: flexsystems.com
  8. I've seen it in action in Texas terrain and AT-Tiger seems to work pretty well. I mean, it is the Multicam color palette applied to Tiger Stripe, so it's sort of a given.
  9. Senior designer/ director for the University of North Texas, and freelance art director/designer, and I ran my own design team for 2-3 years. I'm also trying my hand at comics soon, and playing-at-learning 3d modeling so I can get some product design for things like watches, furniture, and maybe even things for tactical applications. But that's thousands of hours of 3dsm practice away. Sidenote: What's with milsim and attracting creative types?
  10. As they say, "the best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is right now." You'll get traction under your feet soon enough, though.
  11. I'm also betting there's some sidemoney being made by the folks who produce the issue STANAGs somewhere in here. In my mind though, I like the idea of our uniformed folks going out there with equipment that works well and works reliably. If they're the issue STANAGs, fine (doubtfully). If they're combat-ninja P-MAGs, that's fine too. I do know that taking care of mags and mag components is a huge part of reliability, but that's all relative to how good the original product was when it left the factory.
  12. Yes it did, actually. I probably missed that pouch between bivvy takedown, raffle and trying to get back to Texas before midnight. I'll PM JP a mailing address. Oh - and thanks for turning it in, too. Which reminds me, when I was hunting around for that pouch, I noticed that the AEG had been brought in. If I hadn't already given an award for outstanding operator - I'd have given it to the person who brought it in. It's gotta be hard to look at a perfectly good AEG and say, "the owner needs to get this back."
  13. Lancer

    OBH Kit Review

    Most everything worked fine - the JPC replica, the 5.11 assault shirt, Puxing comms, Danner boots, etc. I will be looking for better G36 magazine pouches, even if it's a better set of dual M4 pouches. My headset of 3 years decided to be less than reliable, so that'll be getting a replacement. I'll be replacing my belt and going for a battle belt as well. My old-fashioned ALICE web belt works fine but I'd like something more comfortable. Thibideaux/Coonass came up with a good suggestion - having your medical/IFAK pouch be a different color than the rest of your LBE. So in my case, it'd be an OD or black pouch, preferably with the red cross on it so it's easier to pick out. I'm also going to get a slew of TM Mk23 magazines. I've gone without my pistol of choice for months and it's killing me.
  14. Missing: 1 utility pouch, coyote tan with lightning bolts painted on it. Was holding some Pedialyte, a mini-first aid kit and some batteries.
  15. Teams have to help police themselves - admins can't be everywhere at once and self-policing makes the game better for all of us. I like knowing the opposition is honorable because it means that the game is more true to what's actually happening and it also lets me know that should I take the field on the same side as them at another time, I know they're going to be a good outfit to run with.
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