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  1. You are right. We could all learn a thing or two about being a dedicated airsofter from you. As for being ignorant, the assumption that me calling you ignorant was tied to your driving to the OP on ice and not for asking the ones not in attendance if they were Milsim enough due to the cold? Not to rain on your parade but being an hardcore airsoft player is about as relevant in everyday affairs as is being a hardcore call of duty player.
  2. Correct me if im wrong, but i dont recall people saying they were not attending due to the cold weather. Somewhat ignorant to call people out for "not sacking up" when clearly it was the inch of ice covering the roads for a majority of the poeple were not able to make it.
  3. Our 8 are not going to be able to attend as well unless road conditions drastically change. Agree with the above though reschedule would be epic.
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