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  1. Wanting to buy a UE07 tail cap for my Surefire Scout. Want to keep the cost relatively low, so I am looking to spend around $40. Will provide money at OESR19.
  2. I thought the AO was bigger... Disappointed :/
  3. Here is my 2nd line as of 07 Jan. 2013 Crye Precision CPC Crye Precision Zip-On Pack (Source bladder) Crye Precision Small GP pouch Crye Precision Large GP pouch Crye Precision IFAK (mistagged as a Camelbak Bladder Carrier) CAT Tourniquet things coming: Crye Precision Hydration Carrier (non zip-on model) Crye Precision M4 mag pouch Crye Precision MBITR pouch U94 PTT for Motorola Saber type radio
  4. 2nd Line: Eagle Industries EPC (Eagle Plate Carrier) Eagle Industries SFLCS Triple M4 Mag Shingle Eagle Industries SFLCS Single M4 Mag pouch x3 Eagle Industries SFLCS Signal pouch Eagle Industries SFLCS Smoke Grenade pouch (for Tornado Grenade) Eagle Industries Gen II Admin pouch Eagle Industries MAP (Modular Assault Pack) with hydro and misc. crap [on back] Blackhawk! Chalker sling Maxpedition pistol mag pouch (on back and used as a buddy multi tool pouch) Maxpedition Single M4 Mag pouch (on either side of MAP for OBH and used as buddy mag pouches) Swiss Gear Radio pouch [repro crap] Bravo PTT Helmet: Ops-Core FAST Base Jump helmet (real) First-Spear FAST Base Jump Hybrid helmet cover (MC) Rhino Arm S&S Precision M-Ax Mount for Surefire E1L Surefire E1L Callsign patch IR glint tape x2 IR flags x2 Blood type patch
  5. Eagle Industries EPC LE in RG? ^ wait. what is this?
  6. i like old stuff. but i like new stuff too.
  7. gimme, gimme, gimme PVS14!!! Ops-Core Base Jump Helmet First-Spear Base Jump helmet cover (beta) S&S Precision M-Ax Mount Surefire E1L standard USGI Norotos Rhino Arm
  8. there is already a gear whores anonymous Doc Dodge.
  9. No, having a custom rig does not make you a gear whore. While a gear whore can be described as someone who has the best, most expensive, coolest gear, and a lot of it; it is more commonly used to describe an individual who simply MUST have a ton of gear, useful or not.
  10. i got one custom made by AirsoftWearAZ
  11. my helmet is going to look exactly like this, almost. see you at BH.
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