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    Football ,Guns .airsoft . I am team leader of SOG airsoft team in Maryland
  1. we will have a few guys running P*
  2. castle

    FPS limits

    There is no place for full auto indoors. Then take the MilSim out of the OP then and call it a spay and pray
  3. 4th squad members my name Jimmy Castle call sign is Castle I will be the SL for this OP. I will be there on the 8th around 3pm and would like to meet up at some point with the members of the 4th squad. For now please send me a email at castlejimmy@yahoo.com with a list of your equipment and the day and time you will be there. Thank You
  4. Castle Squad leader for 2-1 here. I would like our squad members to check in please.my email is castlejimmy@yahoo.com. squad 2-1 will be in nato woodland for this OP. Could our PL please send me a email about what radio frq. Squad will be assigend they are a little bit confuseing.thanks.
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