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  1. FYI. Last Saftey Briefing of the Day (All players must attend a Safety Briefing) 4:00 PM / 1800 hrs <--- you typo'd 4:00 PM as 1800 hrs --skip
  2. Last time I heard the Elijah Road entry was closed, it may have opened up again but not 100% sure.
  3. skip

    Rain and POVs

    How much rain/wet would there need to be for this to happen?
  4. Austin, How is your shoulder? --skip
  5. Nice AAR bro! I was that CDF guy in the woods that shot the UFS member in the nose. I hate doing that, as my face is my money maker! Lol! Great playing, good times!
  6. Should the Rosters be secured with a forum password? JP?
  7. SBT, I'm the main gunner on the Demon Hounds/878-Airsoft gun truck. The mechanical engineering genius for this vehicular opus is our team member Chad Hults. He has put in so many hours into this truck I can't even begin to count them all. I can try and explain it but there is so much welding and machining put into it, its hard to explain. We currently mount 3 Polarstar SAW's, along with the rear facing M134 HPA Mini-gun. The Saw's are mounted on authentic US pintle mounts, not sure of the NSN but you can find them on eBay for about $60 ea under "m249 pintle mount". If you're looking to mount an M60, you'll need to see if you can acquire the specific mount for it as the M249 pintle is only good for the SAW, M240 and Mk19. The M60's are mounted using a different mount system. The pintle's are seated into a custom made receiver that Chad engineered and built. I'll ask Chad and see if I can get a photo for you, but the biggest trick to building our truck was imagination and thinking outside the box. --skip
  8. skip

    OP Signup?

    Thanks JP!
  9. skip

    OP Signup?

    Guys, The RY3 info on the forum says signup is today, but there are no links and no info. Guessing this is an after thought or will the info be available and new signup date after Ironclad? --skip
  10. RG, Thanks, when is the next event you'll be at? My team should be at Rebel Yell, at least I will, let me know. Thanks again! --skip
  11. Any more Kush white rockets marked with a DH or just plain white found?
  12. A member of my team had a last minute change to his schedule and needs to sell his UFS ticket. If you're interested, let me know or contact him at Cblorensen@gmail.com Thanks! --skip
  13. Keeping it civil and polite would also be appreciated by all.
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