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  1. Hey Guys, As someone who has owned and run an SSW at my local TASO regulated games, the 40ft ROE really hasn't ever been an issue, nor do I really see the AMS 60ft ROE as that much more of a handicap. As long as one plays the role well and has the right squad support, people coming within 60ft is the exception, not the rule. I mean, unless I'm stalking prey behind enemy lines or taking point while enter a building, I don't generally engage people up that close. And those are activities that I generally don't engage in while fielding such a large replica. Besides, I like being able to say "Too close for missiles, switching to guns" when I pull my sidearm. Just another two cents,
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  3. Yeah, I'd like to wear my helmet because I've gotten friendly fired/hit enough in the head by random people to make me not want to risk leaving my forehead and whatnot unprotected. Some of my team mates don't have helmets or prefer other headgear so this makes things much easier.
  4. Sweet! For some reason I got the idea into my head that the whole squad had to wear the same form of headgear. This makes much more sense, but I wanted to verify, just to be safe. Thanks!
  5. Hey Everyone! If this has been addressed previously, please forgive me, but a question has arisen in my squad: If we wear headgear, do we all have to wear the same type of headgear, such as all helmets, all boonies, or something of that sort? And do they all have to be the same color or pattern (Of course within the faction restrictions)? Can one be tan and the other Desert Marpat, for example? Thank you for your time, Chewy
  6. Thank you AMS! It was absolutely not your problem that we weren't able to make it, but you've gone the distance and you've sure won my heart. Thank you and I'm excitedly awaiting 2014!
  7. We honestly tried to make it, but as most if you know, the roads were so backed up, that we couldn't have made it without serious hazard and adding ourselves to the enormous number of motorists who had to be rescued by emergency services, as we were informed by the State Highway Patrol. Hope you guys have had fun!
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