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  1. I am waiting for Oklahoma to do something like this. If they don't it won't be long before I take my taxes to a state that will.
  2. I am pretty much convinced the end goal is no guns in the hands of civilians. What else could you say that would make sense of some of the crap they are coming out with? I mean, 7 instead of 10 makes the kids safer? Where is the logic in that? There is none. The truly alarming thing to me is how many Americans either no longer value Liberty, or have the impression that rights outlined in the Constitution were given by men and can by restricted / taken away by men.
  3. Anyone planning on going to your state capital this Saturday?
  4. Hey guys, I am using the BAOFENG UV-5R that AMS setup for OP Rebel Yell. I have never tried to use the headset that was included until tonight. I noticed the PTT button on the headset is not working, is there a setting I need to change in the Menu to allow it to use the headset PTT? I searched online but I'm not finding anyone else with this problem. EDIT: Figured it out, the little ear piece that came with the radio seems to work ok, the headset that AMS included does not work unless I press the jack in. If I let go of the jack it will not work.
  5. These mags came today! Now if only I could find 5.56 that wasn't so expensive. Guess I'll hold on to what I have and wait this histeria out.
  6. I usually avoid political discussions, anywhere and everywhere. However, over the last month I have watched what is going on with regards to our 2nd Amendment, I have heard what has been said and what is being proposed, and I feel it's time for me to get involved. Heck, anyone paying attention over the last decade or two has seen more and more of our natural rights being taken away in the name of 'safety'. But as I watch what is happening and how, my instincts tell me what's going on is not about safety. It's about control. I don't know about the rest of you, but I believe The Bill of Rights is not something that was given to me by men, and it's not something that men have the right to can take away from me. Disarming of a population is always followed by terrible atrocities inflicted on the people by those in power. I intend to do everything I can to make sure that does not happen here, peacefully and within the political process first. I am asking all you freedom loving patriots to consider joining me on the 19th of January, @ noon local time, for a peaceful march on your state capital. We need to make it known that there are still men and women in this country willing to stand up to tyranny. Please share with as many people as you can. Spread the word at your workplace and in the communities you live. Facebook it, Tweet it, Google+ it, You Tube it, do whatever you can to get the word out. Organizers website: http://www.guncontrolmorecrime.com/ A good video on the subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUAfft7l4wQ
  7. I went to my local Academy last night looking for 5.56 or .223. The guys said everyday for the last 2 weeks people have been lining up a few hours before open, just to try and buy ar15's, ammo and mags for them. He said nothing is lasting longer than 30 minutes after open. The shipments have become random now too, they never know whats coming and when. They are even selling out of optics. I wanted to pick up a couple of Vortex Sparc's.
  8. Shoot, I didn't think it would sell out this fast, I should have registered sooner!
  9. I run gas now, for my mp7 I carry 9 mags, for the lm4 I carry 6. 6 lm4 mags double stacked on the pront of my PC is a little cumbersome, i'd like to try and go to 3 on front of PC, maybe 1 or 2 on the cummerbund, and then 2 or 3 on a battle belt setup. Holding off an that right now though, I would like to get some input from some other GBBR users on how they carry before I buy any more gear.
  10. You lost them in a boating accident?
  11. It's not that I am a huge gun supporter, I am more of a huge supporter of Constitutional Rights. I think it's naive to believe the government wants a gun ban to make us safer. Something tells me it's more about control. Anyhow, I found some mags and ordered them last night, but I get the feeling I am going to be receiving an out of stock email at any moment. This feels very odd to me. Not the America I grew up in, and I'm not even that old!
  12. I have been looking around tonight trying to find some real steel ar15 mags to buy, looks like I am late to the party, they are out of stock everywhere I look. 5.56 ammo seems to be gone too. Anyone ever seen anything like this before?
  13. No doubt about it, as a lone player I am at a disadvantage against AEG bb hoses. Wether it's with my mp7, or my lm4, I recognize the fact that all other things equal, my gbbr is going to lose to an aeg with a high cap or mid cap most of the time. With the LM4, I have not noticed significant fps differences based on weather. I have not used the mp7 in cold, but from what I have heard both the mp7 and lm4 perform well in the cold, you just get less shots per gas fill. All of the gas pistols I have ever used suck in the cold. I think that disadvantage could be mitigated or overcome with a tight team that works together well and whose tactics are sound. If you have the need to always be on the winning side, your not going to like gbbr's IMO. Personally, I don't go to airsoft games to get a win or be the best. I like going because I get to hang out with guys that are much different from the type of people I work with on a daily basis, most of the time the guys are really great to talk to. Lots of them are former/current military or police, meaning they are standup no BS people. Spending time in nature and getting the physical activity is great. Of course I like messing around with the replicas too. I love my gbb's and will never ever go back to an aeg. I don't have anything against people that use them, because I understand the expense that comes with a gbb type system can be prohibitive for some. And admittedly, there was a time I used aeg's and did not think twice about it. But I just don't like them anymore, it takes away from the enjoyment for me. So I use my gbb's, knowing they are not as effective, much heavier to tote around all day and more expensive to fully outfit. BTW, I played the sniper role for several years, I got used to the fact that more often than not my bb would be deflected by brush, or may hit some gear and not be felt. It just does not bother me anymore. Watching a bb travel 250+ feet and hitting a target was satisfying for me, wether they called it or not. Most of the times they did not call it, and it was obvious from body language they did not feel or hear the hit. Sometimes it was obvious they knew they had been hit, but kept on playing. But those type of players get found out eventually, so I chose not to let it ruin my fun. For me that's what this is ultimately about, having fun.
  14. I think the thing I liked most about the videos was the camaraderie gained by going through and completing something difficult together, under the direction of some really badass men. I can sit in my living room by myself and work out all year but it's still missing that human element to it, where your working next to someone who is going through the same shit you are and your getting through it together. I have done several rounds of P90x and Rush Fit, so I understand those types of things are excellent for getting in and staying in great physical condition (Insanity seems to be even better). But it's not what I am looking for. Playing airsoft is fun, but for me it's missing that human element and extreme situations too. I suppose I could join up, at my age only the army would take me now assuming I could ship off before Jan 29th.
  15. http://www.extremese...13_COURSE_DATES Has anyone here ever been to this? I just spent a couple hours reading the site and it sounds like something I really want to do, I think it would be good for me. I'll probably do the two courses together, and maybe hit the Hell Week in November. Anyone else interested?
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