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  1. Lost: 1 x silver WE m9 mag 1 x black rubber ka bar trainer 1 x black cobra handheld radio
  2. You all need to play two sheets and a blanket for at least 3 hours if you want the real experience...
  3. Everyone makes good points, but I'm with Swayze on this one. As an officer candidate in the Marine Corps I've had the chance to speak with a lot of amazing marines, and the one's who served in Vietnam all describe how terrible the draft was for the US military. To that point, I'd much rather lead and serve alongside other men and women who posses the discipline and belief in service that I pride myself on, rather than those who are forced to be there.
  4. I love my thorlo socks. They're expensive, but if you catch them on sale its worth buying. I rotate my 5 pairs and it's been a game changer for my feet. http://www.thorlo.com/socks/marine-socks/over-calf/625.php
  5. Hey man! That's awesome to hear. I barefoot ran a half and whole marathon and ran exclusively barefoot for several years. As I transitioned to trail running I started wearing vibram five fingers and now they're the only workout shoes I wear. They help alot to stop the concern with small rocks and pieces of glass (that's what inspired my transition, lost the front of a toe to a bottle). In regards to your comfort, I don't know what kind of stride you have, but a midfoot strike feels a lot better On your calves than a toe strike. This is still a much healthier stride than a heel strike, yet feels More natural and is easier to transition to than a toe strike for most people. Most importantly, this will still ensure you use that natural shock absorber system in your calves and throughout your foot. I put in about 30 miles a week training for my Marine Corps PFT's in my vibrams (19:00 flat 5k last time, I'm looking for a perfect 18 next test) and have never had an issue besides the occasional soreness when I push myself. Glad to hear I have a barefoot brother in the milsim community. Let me know if I can help.
  6. New motor and spring. ( your gears should be fine as long as you're under 450 and you shim them properly) Correct aoe on your piston- use sorbo, should help prevent cracking your gearbox Bearing spring guide o ring air nozzle R hop MOSFET (not ab) 11.1 lipo Because you're going v2 some form of sts 3-9 scope (zero it precisely, this makes a huge difference an so many people forget to do this) That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I don't recommend changing your barrel unless it's got some type of defect. 6.04 is rapidly becoming the new 6.01 because longer and tighter isn't always better when it comes to dmr's. Just brasso polish it and use rain x or something else to give it a smooth finish.
  7. The way I see it when it comes to the dialectric grease is that it hurts nothing, and just is an extra step to preventing the trigger from corroding, ESPECIALLY before the mosfet's in. I have heard amazing things about your prowess at r hop install, and maybe one day I'll be that good and will drop one in the m14, but for myself, on a gun like the m14 that takes quite some time to disassemble to the hop unit, the level of precision I require from an r hop would simply be too ridiculous in terms of how long it takes to fine tune and sand at my skill level (seriously, the m14 takes forever to get to the hop up), and I have that flat hop tuned just right... Also, OP, if rails and customization are of concern to you, you may want to check out the new CYMA EBR. It's the same great performing m14, but with a fully railed, full metal ebr body that is really beautiful to behold. Just my .02
  8. Also, Cyma is the OEM for the echo 1 m14, so you're not getting anything extra for that extra money you spend- they're identical. The new cyma's also come stock with a great high torque motor- SHS equivalent. With a mosfet and 11.1 you'll be great, i highly recommend putting dielectric on the contcts to prevent oxidation. I would not recommend replacing the motor (if you get the blue endbell high torque type) because the motor cage/gearbox are designed to handle only Cyma motors without modifications to the motor cage.
  9. I run the cm032, and it's phenomenal. Absolutely 0 wobble anywhere, extremely durable, and a rail mount is like $16. For my DMR I have done the following: Spring guide Reshim Relube M120 O ring air nozzle Compression mods High torque motor Correct aoe/sorbo MOSFET Accuracy: Barrel polish and clean (the stock is a 6.04, actually became less accurate when I dropped in a tightbore) New hop up unit (I effed mine up messing around) Flat hopped systema rubber w/ custom flat nub Floss mod Barrel stabilization Other mods: I attached a spare rail onto the forward part of the stock and attached a grip pod 3-9*40 optic Effective combat range is about 250 ft (indoors, idk) Deans plugs
  10. I second the CB gear. Saves a lot of money to only have to run one rig, and I can vouch that it blends well.
  11. I love my M14. It's a Cyma Cm032 and it really is a tank. It performs amazingly well fully upgraded, although it has always performed exceptionally well. Throw a bipod on it and, when combined with the short mag, will prevent any dragging or awkwardness which seemed to be a concern of yours. Also, scope mounts are cheap and so are bipods so, you don't really need a RIS. Just know that DM's will take a lot of money and time for exceptional performance.
  12. Youngblood


    I wear a pair of Danner USMC hots and they are awesome. I ran them at both night strike and Broken Home and what was amazing was that while they were comfortable, I was also able to run up and down hills very easily that the rest of my squad had trouble with. Highly recommend these bad boys
  13. I'm a big fan of green camo because let's face it, it conceals you in the woodlands. Where I play, Northwest Arkansas and Oklahoma, there aren't many places that tan doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Just my .02
  14. Well guys that was a fantastic time. I may post a more detailed summary, but in short. Props: admins did a great job of being where they were needed Vehicles never felt unsafe and really enhanced gameplay MED rules were followed well Hit calling never became so much of an issue or so lopsided that it became unfun- that goes back to the ever helpful admins I loved that we always had at least an idea about what our larger goals were. Players were very courteous Water was plentiful A FREAKING HELICOPTER Cons: Dead people not doing what they were supposed to do, by this I mean that many people would get hit and STAND in lines of fire, or worse walk around or to their medic- 5 minute bleed out should mean just that, sit your ass down and bleed. Self medic-ing- seriously? I saw multiple people wrap bandages around their own wrist I realize that these things were covered, and that this is player abuse admins can't help, but for the intellectually lacking among us maybe a tutorial on exactly what to do from time hit to respawn on stage would be good. People not calling hits- it is what it is, admins tried their best and so I'm not gonna complain. Now- what happened at coleville near endex on day 1? All I know is that two deuces of green, under the impression game was off, left right as tan made their push and that felt wrong. Also, people were respawning at places that weren't mashes- that was lame Finally, I realize shit happens, but we really need hard start/end times at games like this, early Endexes are a bummer when combined with late starts. Final suggestion- lets have a big hullabaloo at the end where you give us a quick rundown of the action and WHO WON... Cause that seems to still be kind of a source of confusion and would be a lot of fun. To finish, I just want to say thank you for a fantastic time, if you were an admin I made an effort to try and shake your hand, because as I sincerely told JP- this was the best damn OP I have ever been to. It never got boring, stale, or became a giant backyard game. I have never had so much fun at an airsoft game in my life, and I can't wait for future ops.
  15. I lost a plum Ak74 mag somewhere on the west ridge in the lowlands and an m9 mag in coleville. I don't have much hope of getting them back, but anything's possible. Thanks again for a great time.
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