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    Member of Fallen Angels Airsoft Team, we are in Lubbock Texas and we show up in force with over 30+ members and growing! We are always looking for more and if you are interested you can look me up on Facebook at OpViking Fallen Angels. We have a website as well, fallenangelsairsoft.org See you on the battlefield.
  1. Kastway carries good priced torches and helmet strobes if you run short on time getting some too btw. I had to buy a helmet strobe while at ESR 19-2 and those little things are BRIGHT well worth the price!
  2. I know this is far ahead to predict for the weather at the AO, but how has the weather been close by if anyone knows? I need to know wether or not I will need to bring some ice cleets haha. RDG XII should have been labeled "Operators on Ice" hahah xD
  3. I was guna dig a hole, and make a fire, and cook my dinner, which will be hot dogs burnt to cremation, and some ketchup mmmmm
  4. I love this idea! Just have a pack and bring an MRE! Good to go, we had some of our team making soup at the FOB at RDG XII haha, we played right on through and had a blast!
  5. Go hard or go home haha, bring on the cold.
  6. They sold out of UFS spots, but the Iranian forces still had 24 spots left when I checked yesterday, pretty much it stops when it sells out
  7. Thanks for the matrix JP
  8. And for sure The Rick! We got our boys hyped about this event, so we are ready for more for sure.
  9. Nice guys! Thanks for the links, this will help out.
  10. I would like to make a special request, I'm not too sure what you guys normally stock, but if you could bring a WE 1911 pistol, plus some Co2 mags for it that would be much appreciated. As a couple of our guys will be buying their sidearms from you. Thanks in advance!
  11. Lets be honest here, we all partake in these events to get some heart pumping adrenaline going. If people complain then they may be sore losers, these events are meant to give an experience, and some take it wayyyyy too seriously, I think it will be neat to just go to an OP make some new friends and take some pictures with some captured terrorists. All this blame crap if for the birds, AMS staff seems very nice, and very knowledgeable.
  12. Thanks nitro for the coords! I have been trying to locate the address myself and this will help me!
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