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  1. So im debating. How accurate (and compatible with attachments) is the DragonRed Airsoft FAST Ballistic premium? Did any of you guys who own one had any major issues with it? or any issues at all? Would you recommend it? My other choice is a genuine Ops Core BASE JUMP (not really ready to shell 600$ in the carbon model). The only thing i dislike about it is the fixed NVG mount cradle. I dont know if I,ll own any NVGs in the future. I just think the cradle looks weird. So what ya'll say? DragonRed replica or Genuine base jump?
  2. Im using RX inserts in my WileyX Saber Advanced. It took me a couple hours of getting used to it. But once its done, its comfortable and I dont even notice I have RX inserts in my glasses. I can wear them hours on end without any issues.
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