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  1. If it's the same as last years layout, then the vendors will be in the building literally be right next to the registration. As soon as you enter the gate to the facility you'll follow the road all the way down into a little parking lot in front of a few small buildings. Last year the building route to the building as well as the building itself were clearly marked, I'm sure it will be the same this year. You can't miss it since there's only like 3 or so buildings around the parking lot. Anyways, after you park walk up the stairs into the building and there will be a hallway on your left leading to a larger room. That's where registration will be (at least it was last year) from there you will get what you need from registration and then if you walk out of the back door and look to your left there will be another building with double doors and the vendors should be in there. As for camping, aside from the AO itself and the few buildings for registration it's just a big open field, camping will be held there. The actual AO itself is up on a hill a little further back.
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