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  1. More pictures from a recent skirmish and training; http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.236095429831270.53213.124475664326581&type=3
  2. Finishing up my bachelors, I work security and I'm also a part time baker. Testing for local Police and Sheriff Departments currently.
  3. So, just an update on this. They don't have any 50/50 NYCO in Multicam, and won't until at least June 5th. That means Multicam uniforms are backordered until then, but probably longer since you need to tack on time to make them. So....yeah.
  4. Selling a set of soft armor for the Eagle Industries MBAV (Modular Body Armor Vest), and also the Eagle Plate Carrier. This armor is manufactured by BAE, and has a protection rating of IIIA. Date of manufacture for the panels are 03/2009 (March 2009). The size is Small/Medium, meaning it will fit the front and rear panels of a Small/Medium MBAV or EPC. This came with my old RLCS MBAV, so it was issued, but it wasn't used by either myself or the guy that I got it from. I'm looking for $350 OBO
  5. Yeah, they're bogged up with contracts. You think if they'd taken contracts out for uniforms and gear for every branch of the US military, and at least 4 NATO nations, they'd hire on some temporary employees to increase production.... Uniforms are SUPPOSED to be restocked by May 5th. But considering their JPCs were supposed to be restocked in Feb, then March, then April, and now May, I'd take that with a grain of salt.
  6. Welshy

    True Believer

    Yep, a True Believer can be anyone. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, anyone. It makes me sad to see that we in this country are obsessed with those "dirty Muslim terrorists", and yet we completely ignore the domestic terrorists (which, I should point out, are mostly Christian) in this country. Long story short, extremists come in all shapes and sizes. Focusing on one group and ignoring another just allows those who are ignored to grow until it's too late to easily do anything about them.
  7. The DFLCS kit was made by LBT, and now Eagle. Are you forced to wear them? My squadron was able to pick and choose. We had some guys using the DFLCS kits, some still with ALICE, and a couple in Eagle Plate Carriers. Although it was a Guard unit, so that might have something to do with it.
  8. Welshy here from 9th Group in Washington State. Directed here by Ben from SABRE. Looking to see what MilSim is in other areas of the country.
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