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  1. Garmin GPS 401 in LBX Project Honor wrist pouch.
  2. Outstanding, thank you and message sent.
  3. Missing an M249 drum (last seen Sunday near UFS MASH barrel) and a black Bokker training dagger (dropped during the night game some where in low town).
  4. I am missing an M249 Drum Mag, last seen by the UFS respawn barrel. It is marked with black duct tape.
  5. As much as I like this idea it has some major holes. Number one hole in your plan is who is going to supply these bottles of water and number two hole is who is going to enforce the drinking of the water bottles? If ever player has to drink a bottle of water every time they go to the med station and every player cycles through a station only 10 times in a day, that comes to about 2500 bottles per day. With mobile med stations someone has to move the water with the station every time. Next, there now has to be an admin at every station keeping an eye out for people drinking their bottle of water and only taking one bottle at a time. Oh another issue is what are we going to do with all the empty water bottles from each med station seeing as there are already issues with people policing their trash as it is.
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  9. Members of squad 1-3, I would like for everyone to contact me so we can discuss the frame work of our squad. As it stands we are listed as all riflemen so we need to hash out who might be able to fill other roles in the squad. If there is anyone here that can help me get in touch with these folks that would be outstanding too. Thank you for your time. email- cordog008@gmail.com facebook- https://www.facebook.com/cmparkinson78 SQD 1-3 - Demon Hounds / PAJOG / N/A - Coonass, Rifleman - PBPRO, Rifleman (PAJOG) - N80, Rifleman (PAJOG) - Chaco, Rifleman (N/A) - Voodoo, Rifleman (N/A) - Gundog, Rifleman (N/A) - B.Daisey, Rifleman (N/A) - Wolfman, Rifleman (N/A) - Simmo, Rifleman (N/A)
  10. Is it 4' stretched or unstretched? This will make a huge difference in what kind of bandage to use. If you are going by unstretched then there is no need to cut a bandage because it is already pretty close to 4'. If you mean 4' of stretched bandage then you are left with very little bandage to work with. I ask for this to be clarified because the two common sizes of bandage stretches 5 yards to 10 yards. That is a lot of bandage to work with.
  11. Missing some rockets all marked with DHOK. One is a Nerf Mini Vortex and two that have cartoon characters on them.
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  13. It might be interesting if you could booby trap the supplies with like a index card that says something like "BOOM everyone with in 20ft is dead!" Place the card under a bag or box and just wait for the mayhem. Would require an EOD to check and "disarm" the trap.
  14. The RPK is about 5-6 inches longer than the AK47, that is about the same difference between the M27 and the 416. A POV on the field does not mean it is being used as an APC, most are just gun trucks or troop movers. As for the launchers, well if you have an affordable and readily available solution I am all ears.
  15. If mid caps are the suggested restriction then make sure the ammo count is that of a standard support gunner. The added weight of the extra mags will better simulate the real world carry load. Make it a minimum of 16 mags so that the player has to deal with the bulk and find a solution to where/how to carry that many mags at one time. If we are going to continue with the M27 looks too much like an M4. then I think the RPK looks too much like an AK47 and it should not be usable either. How about the L86 which is pretty much an L85 with a longer heavy barrel, should they be allowed as SSW? When we start nitpicking over the whether the weapon platform looks too much like the lighter duty weapon it was developed from we are straying too far from the "Milsim" and getting into game lawyer-ing like you would find in a Saturday night D&D game. In the real world the military learns to adapt and evolve. The same happens in the Milsim community with things like ammo limits, magazine restrictions, new medic rules, and the new ban on auto fire. Hopefully in future the admin and event staff will find a way to adapt to the newer equipment available to the player base like they have in some cases with the Thunder Bs.
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