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  1. I think my frontal lobe just melted ..
  2. Future or any in general.
  3. Waiting for mine to arrive.Just wondering if anyone else is running them. Also I gave the Mil/Sim Gods a sacrifice and am hoping AMS considers these as an official uniform at OPs.
  4. There's a helmet cam called the chameleon , it films both front and rear at the same time. I really havnt read up on it or anything but it may be useful
  5. SDRX

    LBX Tactical

    I have a LBX in Multicam already ordered, I'm gonna run a 10speed triple pouch up front and then a couple of various HSGI pouches. I'll give you a comparison between it and my Banshee if you want .
  6. Was also reading into the backstory and COST hits home with us so the choice was pretty simple. Plus we love M81. So FG3 we will be joining the fight with COST.
  7. I hate when thunder does stuff like this .
  8. Just let it go LT. It's pointless to carry on with this guy .
  9. We will just have to agree to disagree
  10. Was great times, can't wait to get back at it for FG3.
  11. That shit better be action packed like the new 300 movie!!
  12. Sounds like D-Train and his guys had one hell of an OP and that's great!!! Even though CDF lost doesn't mean that some of us didn't have great OPS as well . I personally can't wait to see the video. I like it when hard work and training pays off .
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