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  1. DCAGorver I too am a single player flying out for this event and would love to be assigned to a team that works as a "team". Hopefully I do not get assigned to a squad of individuals who have no idea how to slice the pie, shoot both left and right handed, or stick to their assigned roles during a mission, especially in a CQB environment. Question: how do I find my assigned SL and how do I get assigned to a functioning team? I am a team player used to working in a team environment, on and off the Airsoft field. I can assume the role of rifleman, DMR, SSW with CQB being my specialty. If any teams are missing a player I am happy to step in and take orders and will do my best to keep my fellow teammates alive; easy enough to pick up a set of Propper's in what ever pattern my assigned is running
  2. "Typically the bonus would come as a higher chance of being able to be revived after being shot, with players not wearing the two having lower chances. Just becomes a point of how to implement it and enforce it" One way to implement this would be for the Medic to roll dice with a statistical advantage to a player wearing PCs and helmet. Or a simpler option could be to extend the time a protected player can receive medical care from a medic over an unprotected player. Personally I prefer option 2 myself but both could be interesting.
  3. This rifle falls within the posted guidelines in terms of fps so I cannot see why it would not be suited to Fallen Giant 2.
  4. When wearing Digital Desert should the hat or helmet pattern be tan or can it be Digital Desert as well? The same question also applies to MulitCam, ect.
  5. Thanks for the 411. Some fields play this rule, others not; I am planning my loadout so that's why I asked. Really looking forward to this deployment
  6. Question: Is there any concession given to players wearing plate carriers with plates? In other words, does wearing a helmet or a plate carrier allow you to take a hit to the helmet or plate before calling yourself out or "HIT"?
  7. TWD3

    FPS limits

    Given that this is primarily a CQB engagement, will we need AEGs that shoot 350 fps for closer engagements, or will 400 fps be allowed for shots 10 feet and greater?
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