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  1. soft shoe profile???? Where is my transport??? HEHEHEHEHEHE
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Just bought my ticket and waiting to see my name put on the roster with 3-1. Can you believe it? This makes NUMBER 5!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
  4. Blackout Militia is already on stand-by.Dont know about bringing the buggy(cant seem to get a proper (thru-the-front) mount built for the minigun)).The rocket launcher is still mounted on the top rail.Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. I found an UNDETINATED TAN TORNADO w/markings on it. I turned it in to an admin that I saw put in a plastic bin at the tables.Check with Jp. The admin seemed surpised that someone would actually do that. I told him,I'ld hope someone would do the same if it were mine.I hope you get it back.
  6. Well put bro.Well put!!!!
  7. This was the final firefight that I was involved with. I was the one standing on the corner of the building shooting into the group that looked like a bunch of ants coming out of their dirt mound. I killed as many as i could before my battery died.In all honesty I wanted at that exact moment to empty a mag of bbs into my hand and throw them.After 3 batteries and over 7,000 bbs,I can say that I had a blast.As I stood there with my dead rag on my head and saw the 3 green uniformed soldiers standing there BEGGING the admin for just 5 more minutes,I felt that feeling of COMPLETE FULFILMENT from an airsoft event. I would say count me in for the next AMS game but,My VA DISABILTY pay just wont allow me to make it to the next one. Sorry guys
  8. Smiddy, That was a good shot you made. It landed under my right foot and stayed in the buggy until I went to respawn. I gave that rocket to one of the admins because I know what its like to not get em back. I also turned in 3 others that were brought to me. Did you check in the L/F trailer at the registration building. There were probably 8-10 nerf rockets in there when i went to find my JCS rockets and homade nerf 203 rounds.
  9. Although I am still missing 3 orange JCS rockets and ALL(8 ea.) of my homemade NERF m203 rounds,I wanted to thank EVERYONE that returned the rockets to me(tan buggy w/mounted launcher) during game play.I turned in the nerf rockets that were not mine to the lost and found trailer immediately after the game ended. I dont believe in taking things that don't belong to me even though Im gonna have to replac my originals.
  10. Application has been sent in and just waiting for approval. For those players interested in details,here are a few: Totally rebuilt engine with performance parts and modifications,roll cage was chopped 4 1/2 inches,custom fabricated gull-wing soft skin doors,mounted rocket launcher w/ self-sustained air supply, and (best of all)a BLACKOUT MILITIA designed smoke generator. I would attach pics to this but,I don't know how.If someone can deal w/my computer illiteracy and could walk me through it,I would post them ASAP.
  11. Probably a stupid question but,here goes; Since our buggy is a TWO SEATER with rocket launcher,Does that classify it as a pov-tactical($100) or pov-atv,utv($50)? I know the launcher is tactical but,at the same time its a two (max) passenger vehicle. Just trying to figure how much MORE its gonna cost me.
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