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  1. Part 2 of our ESR19-3 series is live! Please like, comment and subscribe!
  2. Here is Part one of our ESR19-3 Series. Please share and enjoy!
  3. Here's the trailer. More footage to follow tomorrow moring. Make sure to subscribe!
  4. Ah man we missed you guy this time! Damn. Overall, we had a great time. The AO was pretty awesome. Weather was great and , for the most part, so were the players on UFS. I feel particularly bad that I was the guy that shot out Top's tooth. (Sorry boss hog.) I skipped my bleed out to track him down, shake his hand and apologize. Command was solid. Gameplay was solid. Additionally, I had a blast fighting on CoST again to help secure a victory! Feels good man. Until next time!
  5. Personally, I think its about time this thread gets locked up. Nothing more constructive is being said at this point. Continue these conversations in PMs.
  6. I saw that happen. I was up there with the guy who got the card and was really impressed with that Badger. Good on ya brother.
  7. jdelbs18 left out the best part. After the engagement we crossed the top of the burms, shook hands, laughed and joked about the fight. IMO, that's the way it should be.
  8. Hell yea man! Earned his respect from MAKO for sure!!
  9. Part 5 of our ESR19-2 footage is up! No fancy thumbnails today as I didn't have time! Please comment, like and subscribe!
  10. If they can't argue here they will go elsewhere....
  11. #shameless plus to back up Zippo https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5FXir0c5g9NNvHJd45zQvX68WHitbyYX
  12. Part 4 of our ESR19-2 Footage is up! Enjoy!! Please comment, like and subscribe.
  13. Enjoy Part 3 of our footage from American Milsim's ESR19-2! Please comment, like and subscribe!
  14. Part 2 is now online! Please enjoy, comment, like and subscribe!
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