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  1. sqwormy


    thanks 3gun I didnt see the .32 post above the rules set
  2. sqwormy


    I have a question, this is the post in the rule set A. 400 FPS max for 6mm AEG weapons B. 330 FPS (1.618 J ) Max for 6mm Gas weapons (Classics, PolarStars) Why do polarstars have to give way to 70 fps to a AEG? There is no difference in fps setting if I have an AEG or polarstar. Can someone explain why we get the shaft for usuing a p*?
  3. Thanks guys for all the help. And JP you know we got a patch for you
  4. Hey whats up guys, does anyone know of any close hotels and the closest airport. We are tying to fly in from long Island NY. Thanks for any help and info
  5. Anyone interested in the double burrito gen. 2, we will be at the crono station today around 3pm. please pm me if you are interested or just look for the FART patch on our shirts, we will also be there early on saturday morning. Thanks
  6. yes we will be there and will have them for sale. Just hit me up a day b4 game and we'll make arrangements to meet up
  7. Fast Action Response Team (F.A.R.T.) Kydex introduces the double burrito gen. 2, available in c/b, fde, od, and multicam. Holds thunder b grenades, tornados, green gas cans, water bottles, soda cans, and much more. Fully adjustable to fit your needs, Molle compatable. No Trades $40 shipped for C/B, FDE, or OD $50 shipped for Multicam
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