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  1. Let’s see if I can't match Zaitsev's epic post... MSA MICH 2000 -I'm a traditionalist, and I honestly prefer a ballistic helmet over an Ops-Core base jump. The base jump feels like a flimsy bike helmet to me, and unless wearing Sordins/Comtacs, it's just not my preference. I also must be a freak; because I do not run any Ops-Core Straps...They just feel strange to me. It might just take some getting used to, but if/when I end up buying Ops-Core, I'll just run the chin strap under my chin, because that's what I do now and it's comfortable. It is painted with a base of Rustoleum 1917 and covered with an early gen Crye Helmet Cover. I got the Crye cover from a guy serving in a striker brigade attached to the 75th Ranger Regiment. Peltor Comtac IIs in OD, single downlead -I recently switched to these, from MSA Sordins, and they're alright... not great, not terrible. They don’t have the sound amplification that my sordins did, nor are they as compatible with standard chin straps as Sordins are. More than likely I'll end up re-buying Dual-Downlead Sordins, and/or will sell these in exchange for some Dual-Downlead Comtac IIs. They are CRAZY low-profile under a MICH though, so that's kind of nice. I don't really feel them at all. USGI ANVIS mount + ITT Low Profile Battery Pack -This is probably the best mounting solution available on the market. It's VERY solid, simple, and adaptable. Unfortunately, this ball mount only works with AVS-6/9, F5050s, and modified BNVDs...But that's the price you pay for such an awesome mounting solution. Surefire Helmet Light, HL1-C (White, Red, IFF) -This takes the place of my MS-2000 for IR IFF on my helmet, and because it's lighter and is...well...a light (My MS-2000 rides in its own pouch on my vest, just in case I need added IR IFF). I chose the White/Red version, for purposes if fighting at night... Red light preserves the human natural night vision, and is the first color to stop being detected by the naked eye at long distance. For such a small light, this thing is WICKED powerful. My only gripe is that the mount is not adjustable, but SureFire fixed that with their latest version of the helmet light mount. VP01A, Callsign --Bought from RangerJoes.com, this is marketed as "IR," but is actually glow in the dark. Same thing as what Zaitsev up there: "At night, my team, SCD 11CD, turns them around usually, as during the day, they'll charge up and glow... in the dark, giving away our position. Velcro is on both sides so you can do this. I could see this not being a big deal in CQB, but that little light signature can give you away. It does show up pretty clearly in NODs though, so with a little bit of charge, it may be enough to see in NODs, without a large light signature to the naked eye. Once again... user preference." Oakley M-Frame 2.0s -- I'd recommend them for sure. No problems with them whatsoever. Only recommendation that I'd make is to slide off the little rubber stoppers on the wrap around as to make it more comfortable while wearing ear-pro, and so that you don't rip your hair out when trying to take the glasses on/off while wearing your helmet set-up. ITT AVS-9, Custom BB shields by MOS Tactical -These are great. I can only compare them to Zaitsev's (SCD06's) old set of PVS-15s... but these are smoking; great image intensification; very clear. However, these are quite fragile compared to other NV offerings... They are not water proof, nor are they shock proof (I found out the hard way...ending in a very expensive call to L3...). They're great for driving/flying/observing, but ground opics- these ain't. On the front are modified Butler Creek Scope covers with THICK Lexan plastic to protect the optics from getting shot out. I've literally had ~400 fps, full auto, straight to the front of these, and you feel like such a bad-ass when your expensive (yet fragile) night vision optic is just pinging off rounds. Attached to them are a set of bungees to eliminate any wobble that might be prevalent (pfft...as if. The USGI ANVIS mount is rock solid... just in case though), and to act as a 1st layer of dummy cord protection. ALWAYS DUMMY CORD YOUR SH-T. Next is just some 550 cord attached to a small carabineer to act as a last ditch effort for dummy cord protection. ALWAYS DUMMY CORD YOUR SH-T. Contour ROAM, Velco+Elastic Mount -Great camera. My main gripe is that you cannot remove the battery, and therefore, it will eventually die. However, it is waterproof and shock proof, and has a pretty long battery life, depending on what resolution it's filming in. I sprayed mine, because I didn't like the big black shape on the side of my multicam cover. The Velcro mount isn't ideal...but I didn't want to cut my helmet cover to make an opening for the traditional adhesive mount. This works just fine, and has actually saved my camera once before, because I took a corner too close one time, and ended up slamming my camera into a doorframe. Instead of cracking the lens, the camera just slid out of the mount, and was caught by the dummy cord. ALWAYS DUMMY CORD YOUR SH-T. Hi-Res: http://i495.photobuc...ut/DSC00591.jpg http://i495.photobuc...ut/IMG_0140.jpg http://i495.photobuc...ut/DSC00595.jpg http://i495.photobuc...ut/DSC00596.jpg http://i495.photobuc...ut/DSC00600.jpg http://i495.photobuc.../IMG_0139-2.jpg --Nick
  2. Track and XC, and then just working in physical tasks during the day. Go run 6-10 miles a day, and you'll get in awesome aerobic shape. The physical tasks may seem on a new level of stupid...but here's an example of what I do: I have a pull up bar in my bathroom door (a room you pretty much can't avoid...but it works in any high-volume area that you can't avoid, like the room you spend the most time in); every time I enter that room, I'll do pull ups; adding 1 each week. Just find a system like that, for something that you can't avoid, stick to it, and you've got your anaerobic down. --Nick
  3. My YouTube chanel: http://www.youtube.c...er?feature=mhee In-Game videos there. --Nick
  4. Chain here. You might recognize me from Arnies and ASF. I'm based out of Orlando, FL... Happy to be here. --Nick
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