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  1. Say we have a full ATACS-AU BDU and all, if the helmet is ATACS-AU is it allowed?
  2. I just Sent out the approval via email, but to give you guys a little info about my self I am 14 but my birthday is coming up real soon, I have been on many ops in my 4-5 years of airsoft experience. I started airsoft because its fun, exciting, and I enjoy it. im not like most 14 year olds some have mistaken my age at my school for being 15-16 years old for my personality and maturity. I play by the rules, if anything what I hate the most if people don't follow the rules. Im writing this only because I really want to go to this op it looks a lot of fun and Ive wanted to go since Bo said something at Tim vs Bob 4. Hope you guys accept my Minor Form and if you do then that's awesome see you guys there, if not then I understand, Thanks. -Kev
  3. what needs to be emailed and does anything need to be filled out and turned in the day of OP Blue/Grey, October 12th
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