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  1. C'est la vie....I turned in a core and no one turned in mine.... Interesting since CoST threw 3-4 grenades into the same room and at least two were duds.
  2. Well, this was my and my son's first AMS event and even with some turmoil, we had a blast. I got into it with my Plt Leader after the CO told us one thing and he said another....but we made up and my reaction was what caused it. I was frustrated with holding a building all day, but even though this is a game, I do have to respect the command element. On the subject of CDF....Afghanistan( past few decades), Pakistan, Iraq....the list goes on to flip-flops etc. I believe the map for the role play is the USA. We will all have our POVs. I made mistakes, lots of them. I was on CoST...Seemed like Spartan (CDF) was there to correct me a couple of times....at least I think I heard you yelling my name and an order(game rules).... Then I finally got to charge across the road at the end of the game, take out two CDF and use one of my new-never-used grenades.....and Spartan shot me....again. I digress....had a lot of fun and obviously need to do more preparation next time. Good to meet new players from around the country and see so many that I see at Stockyards as well!
  3. One ThunderB with core marked MOSS. Lost in NE corner of 2301 on last push of the day.
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