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  1. Hmm. Same elevation I live at minus the sucky CA Central Valley air. Rick is always screwed!
  2. Welcome to AMS. I haven't been to Mirimar since I was a kid back in early 90s when the Navy FWS aka Top Gun was still there. I believe that Osprey unit was part of the group from Edwards that left here after deactivating the 53s and 46s. If your ever up this way (Edwards AFB) holler at me.
  3. Thanks Ron. Much appreciated. I hope so as well.
  4. Thank 3%. I appreciate that. My mom passed away and it took some time to settle things.
  5. Google Map Error. I'm in Tehachapi, Ca
  6. Call sign has been "Doc" from the beginning back in 2005. I'm a Paramedic for DoD in Ca and the Airsoft team leader was a prior Marine so it just fit. Been looking at changing to something different but haven't come up with anything.
  7. What's up everyone?! Been a troll for a while. Registered a while back then was distracted by family issues. I know some of you from here and and other forums. Been away from the Airsoft scene (Ca stuff) for a bit but looking to get back in. Looking forward to having some fun in new venues.
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