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  1. Personally from a game standpoint I am glad to see patterns that are more clearly tan or green. While I love the effectiveness of standard MC, it is really tough to differentiate because it has green and tan in it. I would like to see games move away from using standard MC and use the Arid pattern as a tan side pattern. The other upside is we will get fully tan and green uniforms in some of the most comfortable and quality designs. Unlike a lot of other older patterns (DCU) that are used as faction patterns but are not really available in more modern designs (combat shirts, and crye style pants).
  2. I had been thinking about an alternate setup like this as well. I have always struggled with comfortable weight distribution when carrying water with anything other than a pc. I am thinking of using the Rhodesian pantac rig with http://www.pantacgear.com/index.php/product-do-view-productid-58.html I would keep them separate instead of integrating them that way you can ditch the pack and water if you need to.
  3. So just to throw more gas on this fire, maybe what this little civil war needs is the involvement of a foreign nations forces getting in on the fun?
  4. Lol H&K everyone has their favorite right? Incog is awesome tactical fuzz is the best thing ever, I would still recommend wearing an undershirt as the gun its self can get annoying. The draw from this holster is smooth like glass. Only down side is having to wait so long to get it, also get the mag caddy its a great option you can remove it and run it without the caddy as well which is nice.
  5. Upon further testing, decal grips suck. They may be cheap but not effective. Either have some one do a good stippling job or learn how to do it your self. Fortunately I only wasted 11 bucks on it Also for you fellow glock users here is an awesome tutorial on glock upgrades http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-b69HlWT4Y
  6. The 215 is nice as well, but the cut doesnt look quite al low profile as the maflower.
  7. Here is my EDC, a gen 3 Glock 17 with XS tritium big dot sights and a gripforce beavertail, as well as a talon decal grip. Added adhesive skateboard tape to serrations on the slide as well. Grip has been reduced to allow use of G19 mags, Incog holster with a G17 mag as my spare, my carry ammo is gold dot spear +p 124 grain.
  8. Looking for one of these in medium preferably Coyote Brown. http://www.mayflower-rc.org/store/7016/22/Low-Profile-Armor-Carrier.html
  9. Sorry about that, Feel free to move this to the appropriate area.
  10. I am planning on running very few pouches on my side. So the elastic is out. I to split my kit up between my belt and PC, the only thing I have on my cummerbund is , one single rifle taco on my left followed by a blowout bleeder pouch and the small radio pouch behind that. On my right all I have is a another single rifle taco and a SOG Seal pup behind that I see the mesh or skeletonized as the next step in gear evolution as the material between it serves few purposes, as the interior molle allows you to add armor to your sides as needed anyhow.
  11. Anyone get the mag caddy with the INCOG. I dont know if its just me but adjusting the retention on it really doesn't seem to work? Anybody else have this issue?
  12. Yes that is correct. It sheds some extra weight as well. I narrowed what I want down to these two, just looking for some first hand experience of ownership with both of these to base my decision on.
  13. Myself and other team members have bought various Gen 1 night vision devices and paired them with high intensity infrared illuminators. None of us have been overly impressed with the results, I ditched mine as I was better off with my natural night vision. As well as the fact that the back lighting green light onto your face and red glow from the infrared illuminator gave you away anyhow. Couple this with the fact the the IR splash from the illuminator any time you were close to a wall or building was blinding as well. Bottom line sadly with this type of technology there isnt a good economical way to get a set worth having without shelling out some serious coin.
  14. Just my two cents, But the only two goggles I have seen work in all environments and humidity levels, have been the ESS Turbofan, or the Smith optics fan goggles. I hope some time in the future to see a low profile style goggle that has a separate fan unit on each goggle lens.
  15. So my fellow gear whores, I am considering either purchasing the crye skeletonized 3 row cummerbund or the Ferro Concepts airflow cummerbund. Anyone have first hand experience with either?, I am going to add one or the other to my Banshee.
  16. Fair enough we will get to the bottom of this.
  17. Now that I remember there was an individual dressed in civilian clothes at the end of the game that attacked us while we had Top prisoner. As far as I am aware he was not from our Colorado group . Sounds like we may have had at some fishy stuff going on in the field. The reason I am so keen on understanding this issue, is we were very frustrated last year with the civilians flipping sides constantly as well. Our goal was to avoid this behavior and be as professional and true to the role we were playing as possible.
  18. Ok again for clarification, the only time it was all tan and green forces vs CDF was prearranged setup on Sat night as part of a special scenario by staff. This had nothing to do with the battle at large. 5280 Tac and our closely allied teams always stayed on the side of green, we supported them to the end fighting viciously. In addition if it is factual that a team or members of a team acted as such, you can bet they will no longer be trusted to be part of a collective Colorado force in the future.
  19. MG36, Banshee PC, HSGI Battle belt, Elite Force tac 1911. Giving the support gunner role a shot.
  20. I feel that uniform adherence is a major part of promoting professionalism, the image we display at many of these AO's can impact the impression of military staff who control many of the AO's we play on. Uniform is part of what seperates milsim from airsoft.
  21. Having played this role at Broken Home (and enjoyed it greatly) and seen it played by other groups in the past. I would say it adds a fun element to the game with the money system as long as the group taking on this role has a high degree of proffesionalism. I have seen the PMC thing used as a wild card, where they would flip flop sides, this is my least favorite game mechanic. We played the role with dedication, while trying to rake in as much cash as possible. We were completely dedicated to Top as our CO and were willing to take on jobs that didnt always provide pay, to gain the opportunity to make money later. I completely agree with some of the prior statements, that there is no realism in PMC's switching sides that makes no sense and makes for a crappy game for players and commanders, also it forces you to just tend towards shooting them on sight rather than get backstabbed once they have flipped on you once.
  22. They were a little tight in the magwell on my VFC but they are breaking in fine.
  23. I just started using the new elite force midcaps, they work great beat the heck out of them and they still work fine.
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