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  1. Jp please help i am 15 years of age I am quite knowledgeable and have gone to many ops. i will be going with my parents and bringing a friend so what does he have to fill out this is all for blue/ grey i really need some enlightening on this so i can get my info out as soon as possible. if you do see this please reply. oh i also need to know what i need to bring.
  2. I am 15 years old almost 16 but I have been playing airsoft for a several years (5 years) I have knowledgeable of airsoft and have been to Ops before. I am not like most younger airsofters I am more serious about the sport and i have been to fields like Ballahack I will fill the application out i just wanted some sort of chance that iay be able to go. Also a buddy of mine wants to go to OP: Blue/Grey and is 15 aswell we are on a small team but a team at that we have gone to ops together and really want to go to this one because we feel it will push us to our Maximum Physical Capabilities. And improve our skills
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