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  1. We'll be coming from VA,

  3. Looks like a pro win, R hop, and 6.02 it is. Thanks guys!
  4. Ive been looking at the pro win and r hop together. Most likely what I will do. Do you run a miracle barrel with it or a tbb?
  5. i am running a stock VFC Hk416 at 360 ish fps with .20s i plan on getting a lonex motor and a m120. if i got a miracle barrel it would be a 363mm.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with these? I have heard very mixed reviews...
  7. My thoughts exactly. But hey thats what m203 are for haha
  8. anyone know where you can get a replacement for the part of the bolt catch that attaches to the gearbox?
  9. it would be an interesting twist, but would be too hard to Marshall.
  10. I may have someone interested in that saw. Hang tight.
  11. There is an awesome checklist located somewhere in the forums.
  12. My only stand on national debt, is that we dont really owe anyone money, because we never borrowed money. Money is not backed by gold anymore. Modern currency is a ton if electronic numbers that mean nothing. China will never try and ask for their money anyways. Why make you number one source of "income" disappear.
  13. If i am 16 do I need to have a guardian present at the AO at all times? Or am I good.
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