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  1. I have $75 dollar credit for an AMS game and the last gamer of the year is on a bad weekend for me... Hopefully I can try and free this weekend up. Hate to lose that credit.
  2. Firefly Quote. Very Nice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Earlier today I finished body work on my AK74 and AK74u. I redid the stain on the wood, sped up the wear and tear on the body, and added some paracord, added some old style AK slings and removed the orange tip on the 74. I used dark walnut stain. The 74u grip came out to bright. To remedy this I pulled out a blow torch and lit it on fire. I feel they both turned out very nice. (Sorry about pic size the resize thing didn't work) Grips Close-up
  3. Bought a used replica from Ian. I talked to him Tuesday and I am holding the replica now. I have been ripped off before but Ian showed me that not everyone on the internet selling things is a dick. 5 out of 5.
  4. Full-Time Student. Computer Engineering (Specializing in Computer Architecture) with Minors in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (and possibly History) In my free time I fail Airsmith (break my gearboxes and hope someone can fix them) and surf the internet.
  5. I choose Milsim for 2 reasons. 1. Medical Issues kept me from attending the US Naval Academy and enlisting the rest of the armed forces so I guess I have always wanted to do this kind of stuff. 2. As a College Student and Member of a fraternity I don't get many (3 this semester) weekends off to go play one day Milsim ops or even casual Airsoft (and these events never fall on the right weekends). So my entire use of money on gear and guns is mostly gathering dust waiting for Memorial day, summer ops, and the December games. I am not very active and I don't have very good gear because of finances and even if a bought good gear I wouldn't be able to use it... ever. So here I sit...waiting for Memorial day and some much needed trigger time.
  6. What is the pin type for the Puxing? (What type of PTT's will fit? I found 3 main types.) I have been looking at comms for Broken Home and have not heard of the Puxing until now. Very good price range for me.
  7. I am a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and our members are all "Delts" so I am a Delt. However a ton of brothers from my chapter are getting into the sport so I might have to find a replacement that means just as much to me.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome. Hope to see you down on the field. I plan on getting more into milsim once I have a steady source of Income. I am currently in the negative because I spent more on airsoft than intended. Hopefully this memorial day doesn't drain me to the point of making the drive down.
  9. @Bash: It has been a long time since that M14 put the fear of God in me at the field. I would like to shoot it once or twice next time its out. @Avi: Very sexy replicas; cant wait to see how you use them at the field next time I am down. @Tusk: I am a little fearful of the modern viking. I would not like to be on the wrong end of you on the field.
  10. Mark Mueller Delt Team Delta Nine Rolla, MO Ill get my guns and gear up on that thread hopefully with pictures.
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