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  1. That's frustrating to read. We definitely encountered some guys following the original medic rules later sunday, but such is the problem with changing rules halfway through a game. Glad to hear your kids are OK pappy, we were actually pretty close to ya'll when it happened, never quite found out how that got resolved, glad to hear it all worked out ok.
  2. Woohoo AAR Time! I think this event went off well, lots of new changes this year, and I feel like, for the most part they worked as intended (even if some failed because of other issues). 1. Mag limit changes - my teammates and I didn't like this change when it was announced. As in, some of them regretted buying tickets after they found out. Super unhappy about it going in, but honestly, I can say for myself at least, that it was all unfounded. I actually liked this change a lot, it decreased what little overshooting remained except from some SAW gunners, and it definitely forced people to make use of the SAW when they had one around. 10/10 would play with this rule again,. 2. Resupply stuff - This is the one where I think some improvements are needed though, maybe not on the admin side. I like the idea of the resupply crate, and having to have your resupply trucked in. It absolutely cured any reloading in the field issues you would see in years past. however, at least on the UFS side, I couldn't get a resupply truck all weekend. Any time I tried to call in for one, naturally, comms would fail, and we'd just end up having to walk back, or try to sustain on task for as long as possible with what little ammo remained. I don't know that i consider this a failing on AMS part, because, I guess it kind of worked as intended, in the real world resupply isn't perfect, and if you comms went down, you'd be screwed, and we were. It definitely negatively impacted my experience, but only because of some other stuff. 3. CDF medic rules - While I recognize being the smaller team, the CDF needed a leg up somewhere, I firmly believe making every single person a medic was an absolutely atrocious decision, and whoever's idea it was should sit in a corner and think about what they've done for at least a solid minute. This was my one HUGE negative for the whole weekend, and the one thing I can't look back on in hindsight and try to find some positive or how it really played into the metagame of the whole event. I spoke with Kyle (i believe, sorry if it was a dif. admin, horrid with names) during the game on saturday for a few minutes about this, and I think if CDF needs to have an extra force multiplier, then linearly increasing the number of medics is a good idea, but enacting all-healing clerical powers to every single member of the faction led to a lot of frustration, and imbalanced firefights. I had suggested maybe doubling medics per squad, or something similar, allowing them free-form choice in squad composition with regards to roles or something, but "everyone is a medic" just didn't work for me. I witnessed a lot of guys on UFS get very frustrated with the mechanic, maybe because they didn't fully understand, or they didn't hear Rick bring it up in safety brief (i know it was brought up in mine) but lots of complaints of cheating, and A LOT of discouragement going on, even heard some CoST players complain while we'd cross paths while dead. This didn't work for me. not at all. 4. three factions - I spoke with kyle about this a bit as well. I think this ALMOST worked. It was definitely better than my last three-faction experience at broken home, because the concern with three factions is always flip-flopping or in-field alliances. Some of that definitely still happened. I was of the impression it wasn't supposed to, and everyone was still shooting everyone, but my squad definitely recon'd at least one ceasefire, which then directly lead to us getting massacred. I was not pleased, but that's life. If you do three factions, it needs to be all out 1v1v1 fighting, none of this two sides team up and pound the other guy stuff like broken homes past, and while it never got QUITE that organized this year, the small pockets of "oh, they must be working together" was very irritating. 5. other CDF stuff - Uniform requirements need to change here. allowing camo-pants/civvy shirts created a ton of confusion from what i could tell. If you're doing three factions, this shouldn't be OK. Make em wear jeans, or flat color bottoms or something, but especially at D-Day, there are far to many times when all you can see is a pant leg, or their shirts looked awfully close to green/tan camos in the trees with all the plaid-erator action going on. Couple that with obviously multicam pants/gear and this definitely caused the confusion i feel it was meant to, but definitely just pissed more players off than i think it should've. 6. Direction - We didn't feel like we had jack crap to do all weekend. I didn't get a single direction from anyone in UFS leadership, and while initially i was going to put this on UFS leadership, it seems like this is from a bit higher. Forcing squads to just kind of go out and patrol and find bad guys isn't fun for me, and I feel like that feeling went a bit further. I don't know if this is because the scouts got a lot of the cool-guy stuff (and they should, seriously those dudes are badasses) but that shouldn't come at the expense of everyone else participating. I don't think that was the case, this seemed to be a bit more intended, but for me, it just fell flat. I'm in the same boat as Jazz, control points gave direction, gave you something to do, and let squads who got disconnected from leadership (or just didn't want to deal with it) something to do that was still moving the game forward. Best example of this, is the number of times we'd wander around patrolling whatever area we were patrolling, and it always ended the same way. "okay guys, we've accidentally stumbled on the enemy fob again, we've now been massacred, or chewed out by some dude on the other team for unknowingly shooting at the enemy fob, guess we'll walk back to respawn now". EVERY SINGLE ONE of the firefights we got into, occurred in one of three places. Pegasus bridge, outside the CDF fob, or somewhere near the cost fob in coleville. but, because fob's weren't attackable unless we had missions to do it, it became a game of "lets push out as far as we can, get shot, walk back, respawn, and repeat". There was no variety. In years past, we've had mobile respawns to subdue and capture, HVT's to secure, EOD stuff to deal with, and with the faction FOB's spread out, more room to do it on. I get where this was trying to go, but i don't think this worked as well as it was meant to. This was my only other big complaint, but i can see where the design idea came from on this. As a guy who also hosts the occasional airsoft event, i can appreciate the intention, even if for me, it didn't work. 7. Fob locations - I get the intention here too, from speaking with some staff, it seemed like the intention here was to shrink the field a little bit, decrease walking, and while when i spoke with kyle on field the one time, at the time i felt like i had done less walking, by the end of the weekend, we actually did more walking (and we had the pedometer stats to prove it). Not quite sure if this was the FoB's or the discontinuation of the mobile respawn barrel for this game, but we spent a lot of time walking, with almost zero motivation to get out and go do it again beyond "well, i'm here, and it's a 6 hour drive home, so i'm gonna try and at least get in a good shootout" because we didn't have much else to do. I didn't have a specific piece of land to try and hold, I didn't have a laptop to recover, a dude to rescue, or an HVT to capture or kill. so with the FOB's so close together, I felt like it severely restricted the number of places I could get into aforementioned good shootouts (and believe me, we definitely got them, but there was no location variety). Again, I get what this was meant to achieve, but I feel like after having played it now, the old way was better. Bigger field and mobile respawns making a comeback was better for me. All of this being said, I actually had a fantastic time. Did it live up to how much fun I had last year? no. BH4 is still kind of my highlight year, I left early last year and still felt very satisified with money spent on the trip, and time spent playing that i could leave saturday night and not be upset. I didn't get that this year. In fact, had saturday been my only day of play this year, I'd have been pretty bummed out. Sunday, We gave up on chain-of-command, gave up on meaningless patrols, and just decided to support whatever action was going on any given time, and that's when all the fun happened. We rolled around with the scouts for a bit, and interacting with those guys was cool as hell. We got in some bigass shootouts where the seven-mag limit actually became fun to manage, and not just a huge pain in the ass to deal with. I shot a gazillion reaper rounds (and it was worth every penny). But that said, the game wasn't as fun as years past when I relied on trying to play the game as intended, and didn't get fun for me or my teammates until we chose to make our own fun. Rick asked me before the raffle started if I had fun. I told him yes. I didn't lie. I had a ton of fun this year, and I feel like after playing, a lot of the changes implemented either worked, or will work with time. Three factions mostly worked, resupply didn't fail because of AMS, and once everyone adapts to it, it's going to add a cool layer to the game. Seven mags was plenty (though, honestly? I'd like to see it bumped to 8 for a bigger game like this, but i can live with seven). This AAR is going to make it look like I was miserable, and that's simply not the case. Hopefully it gets taken as constructive criticism. This was worth all 12 hours of driving, the couple hundred bucks in gas, the extra mileage on my car, and the two weeks of serious back pain i'm going to have afterwards. Plus, I still came away with a bunch of great stories to tell the guys at the shop when I get back. Can't put a pricetag on that. It wasn't as big a win for me as it was in years past, but this was definitely still a good year, and I think it will all be worth it at BH6. Bird out.
  3. Cheap motorola bubble pack walkies will work at smaller venues. Your local field, or some of the smaller MOUT site style venues that AMS and other promoters use are often serviced just fine by the stuff from wal-mart. Baofengs really start to shine at an AO like d-day adventure park, where it's so big and hilly, you need a pretty badass radio to stay in communication. My team uses the baofengs, in a mix of the UV-5r, and the uV-5ra. they do have a bit of a learning curve, and you will want to buy the programming cable when you order them (order on amazon... stupid cheap, cheaper than motorola if done right) then start reading up on how to program them and get them configured. We have two programming files we use for games, one that is the whole of the AMS comms matrix, and another that is just standard FRS/GMRS frequencies so that on regular weekends we can talk to guys with wal-mart radios. These are uploaded as needed, and all the comms gear you could ever need is available for the baofeng radios. Headsets, handmics, throatmics, whatever coolguy stuff you want to use. Also: Seconded recommendation for Miklor.com
  4. Just remember to drink water. Unless you are engaging in an activity that directly precludes you from drinking water, you best be drinking water. Also: Know that D-day is going to kick your butt your first time. This will be my 7th or 8th time out there, and it's still gonna kick my ass, cuz i'm fat, lazy, and super low speed high drag. Also know that this is OK, and know that if you need to stop and pace yourself a bit, that this is the best way to go. Like JP says, don't blow your wad in the first hour. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and if my out-of-shape self can make it to endex, so can anyone else.
  5. Would be mine too Candy, I just wanted to make sure there was not any restrictions in place, so that if I wanted to stuff a speed loader, and food, grenades, etc, in addition to what i am allowed to carry on me, then i could and not worry about being in violation of the rules. Was just looking for the official sign off to stuff it as i see fit. Besides, where else do you keep all of your backup scented oils.. .what if you ran out? Lots of backwoods for backwoods encounters at D-day
  6. Do we have any restrictions on what items to leave in the box aside from ammo? Could we, if we so choose, keep spare batteries, gas, speedloaders, emergency snacks (sorry guys, im a fat kid, i need my snacks) etc. Sorry if this has been answered, didn't see a definitive answer anywhere else.
  7. Typical CoST answer Rain only lubricates me. Makes me go faster, running, jumping, shooting, sliding around and landing on my face. All of it is faster.
  8. I actually do both. It's two box mags, or one box mag and hicaps. They limit you to two boxes for exactly the reason shortround mentioned. I find one box mag is cumbersome enough. but ultimately it's up to you.
  9. Personal Opinion: I use my round limit for whatever role I play an event as, as my round limit for every weapon I carry, total. That's not exactly how the rule works, but.. a. I never have to worry about breaking the round count rule b. sometimes, limiting yourself on ammo forces you to play smarter, and for some people, this can be a ton of fun. Also: neko's right, as a rifleman, you don't NEED a pistol. I only carry one because backup plans are important.
  10. As a fellow Krytac LMG user (OG limited edition 4 lyfe!) Here's the unfortunate realizations you need to accept as a guy running a Krytac. 1. Nothing. But a reminder: This isn't real life, and your fun isn't the only fun that matters. The guy your shooting deserves a good time too. 2. Incorrect. You're still a saw. Now you're just a SAW with a midcap. See #1 for why this is important. 3. Clarification: You're going to make all the other special snowflakes butthurt if you decide to start blasting people up close with your SAW. because the other SAW's can't do it. The short version, insofar as I understand it is this. Admins, and other players, can't tell what FPS your gun shoots just by looking at it. SAW's are given a limit of up to 450 FPS for AEG's, and it would just get way to friggin complicated to start denoting every single player's MED at a 200+ (and AMS games can get very much over that 200+) player event by their own personal FPS. That's a logistical nightmare, and ultimately would serve to degrade the quality of the game as a whole. So when you breach a building with your super badass LMG that does cool tricks other LMG's can't do, and you blast a guy up close (whether it's with a midcap or not) he doesn't know what FPS you shoot. Neither does the admin who watched you do it (that you hopefully didn't also open up on earlier #sawproblems). since your gun COULD be shooting up to 450, which is not legal for the AMS allowed 0 MED roles, he's gonna get upset. He doesn't know your LMG is that good and still under 400 FPS. Neither does the admin by looking at your gun. This is an unfortunate fact of life for guys like us, with big bad krytac LMG's. The idea behind the rulesets for an airsoft game, is to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible, while preventing potential stoppages to clarify things. That takes people out of the immersion (and sometimes fun) of an event. However, all of these rules are about compromise, to the benefit of the greater enjoyment of the attendees as a whole. Do you have to give up your ability to point blank some fools indoor with your BB Gat of choice? yeah. But, you get to flip the fun switch to multiple pew mode, and blast guys full auto, which nobody else gets to do. It's a trade off. You also have to stick to that 60 foot MED (which drives me batty, literally everywhere else I play is a 50 footer, and that 10 extra feet can catch you off guard, but i like to pew pew on full auto, so i suck it up and deal with it) but again, you get thousands more BB's to pew with before you have to go to the FOB and reload. It's all about trade offs. And not making everyone else super butthurt. It's all about being a good sport, not trying to min-max your playing ability to the detriment of the other guy's enjoyment. If you think you and your Krytac LMG have it a bit rough.... See how the guys who run IAR's that can't use them as SAW's feel. That's the hard unfortunate truth to running a SAW. if you want to point blank guys, you have two options. 1. Get a pistol or other sidearm/backup/rubbery milsim death stick 2. Get a not-saw rifleman class legal AEG. The rules are how they are, and they worked fine before fine pieces of airsoft machinery like the Krytac LMG rolled around. Rather than make the rules, and events, infinitely more confusing to account for how badass these guns we use are, we just need to play by the same rules as everyone else. Disclaimer: I'm not (nor have I ever been) an AMS admin, but a few of them do hang out in my humble little airsoft shop a lot, and I did stay at a holiday inn express once.This is just how I look at things, and I find it makes me a bit happier about not being able to shoot guys point blank with my sub 400-fps semi-auto capable uber-bb-gat. Your mileage may very.
  11. The cheapest camos are usually what you'll find at a surplus store. Often for tan, (as far as AMS approved stuff goes) you'll find 3 color desert (or DCU). Sometimes, if you're at just the right surplus store, you can find cheap multicam. As far as brand new product goes, multicam is going to be your best bet, as it's the current trend. So many companies make products in this pattern, it's not hard to find a cost effective solution, even brand new. (Bonus points: Most UFS guys are running around in Multicam) if you don't want to buy new, just shop around, don't be afraid to use tools like Ebay or Craigslist, or the forums (or even Facebook groups) to find what you need if you're on a budget. I run a store here in Texas (GI Tactical Texas, the Lone Star Airsoft GI branch) and it's not unheard of to get a full set of multicam (combat top/pants) for under $100 during the right sales or with the right product, and it's good quality stuff that's gonna last you through quite a few AMS events (I'd know, i use the same stuff we sell here). It comes down to what your budget is, and what surplus options you have available to you. Just keep in mind, like all things in life, you get what you pay for.
  12. also helps to get in touch with your Faction's leadership, and make sure they have you marked as squad leader. Also helps if you have friends who also registered with you, who want you as squad leader. This coming from a guy that has been at a squad leader or higher leadership level at pretty much every AMS event I've ever attended. It helps to be the go-to guy, but if you want to make sure your the guy in command before the game starts, get in touch with your faction leadership, and make sure that is how they have you listed on the roster.
  13. Blackbird

    Body Armor

    Ron's right. I have quite a bit of experience in this area, I airsofted on a budget for a while, and now my current employer trusts me with helping guys like you do the same pretty much on the daily. You could definitely set up a full loadout that'd get the job done (it may not necessarily be what you want at the end of the day) for your 500 budget. Assuming you're starting at zero kit of any kind (because any kit you do have saves you money) You need to buy your ticket, that's 150. Which leaves you with about 350 for gun, gear etc. You can get a totally serviceable AEG with battery and charger for under 200. We frequently sell the combat machines, but you have a TON of options. I've used the combat machines at AMS events (and larger milsim events before AMS was a thing) they hold up well. Nobody needs to be running a souped up ferrari of a gun to have a good time. So we'll start with this. Combat machine package averages about 160. You'll want a spare battery and a good charger, which puts you right about 200. Now your gun is squared away, you have 150 left for gear and safety equipment. You have what I consider three basic needs during an airsoft game as they relate to your gear. 1. protect your eyes/face 2. Carry water. 3. Carry ammo. Additionally, protecting your feet/ankles is important, and you should consider this too. you can pick up a cheap totally functional pair of goggles from just about any retailer under the sun for under 20. if you need full face due to age, a full face mask is about the same price. Valken has some good offerings, lancer tactical goggles are great with a little anti-fog. I keep a spare set of the lancer goggles in my game-day bag in case something happens to one of my lenses for my m-frames, or i need to lend a pair out. now we're at 130 bucks for all your other game day equipment. two and three kind of go together, and you'll also need mags to toss in your vest, so i'll include these here. Elite Force sells a ten pack of midcaps for 64 bucks. If you need more than that i'd be impressed. So now we're at 66 bucks for gear. Gryffon gear chest rig. 15 bucks. Built surprisingly well for the price. You just cannot beat it. it'll hold water bottles, it'll hold all your mags. If you pair it with a spare backpack (because who doesn't have one of those lying around) now you can carry literally ALL of the things you need, and have your mags available to you at a moments notice. Alternatively, as Kolt and Ron have mentioned, surplus alice rigs. You can find these at most surplus stores, flea markets, or online. The surplus stores by me sell them for like 20 bucks, fitted with some pouches, and you can find extras for a couple dollars a piece. So let's assume about 30-ish dollars for load bearing gear. Now you have 30 bucks to spend on BB's (which is about what i go through in a typical AMS event, unless I run my LMG, and then Lord, help my wallet). Done. That's EVERYTHING you need to attend an AMS event outside of the uniform, and boots (which typically, if you're interested in milsim events, you'll already have). now, this budget didn't keep in mind basic human needs like food, shelter, etc, but assuming your $500 total was budgeted purely for gameplay necessities, that'll do it. It won't be the prettiest loadout, it won't be the most high speed low drag Force Recon impression full of all the Crye Pursizzzzion gear-porn you've always dreamed of, but you don't NEED any of that crap to play. True story, my first ever large scale Milsim event of the level of AMS games that i traveled out of state for (I'm from Texas) was Oklahoma invasion 6 many many years ago. I played that game in a 20 dollar chest rig, and 40 dollar surplus bdu's, with 20 dollar boots from wal-mart. I had a freaking blast. The experience is what makes the good time, not the gear. Don't worry about getting super expensive kit. Get what you need to have a good time and sling some BB's. I betcha a dollar that by the end of the game, you won't even be worried about the quality, price, or utility of your kit, cuz you had so much fun blastin badguys all weekend.
  14. Shoot, I didn't even get to play Sunday's game, and this year's event was the best value-for-the-money AMS event I've attended yet. I had that much fun saturday. I don't care which side won. I won. Maybe you won too.
  15. Opie, If it's the one that Husky was using, It's mine. Feel free to drop it by the store the next time you're there.
  16. Shoot it first. like, really run the thing through it's paces. Decide what you do and don't like, and determine upgrades from there. We had a couple down at the GI Tactical in plano, TX, and I loved getting to handle them, the fit and finish was great, but I haven't had the chance to shoot one yet. I know the first one we sold was very well received.
  17. In better shape? Have you seen any of us? most of us are too old and too fat to be climbing some of the hills at d-day (at least I am) and I do it anyway, every year. if you can carry water and ammo on you, you're gears good to go too. I've seen guys play this game in nothing but bdu's a bladder from wal-mart, and a mag or two in their pockets, don't let the "milsim" part fool you, gear like that isn't necessary, it just helps. As far as your gun goes, it sounds like you'll be ok, I'll let one of the admins clarify, but I've run longer m16 style rifles before, and have never been told they were DMR's. but seriously, don't give yourself excuses not to get out and play. sign up, come out. shoot people with plastic. if you keep saying "i'll wait til i'm ready" you'll never be ready.
  18. I try. I may not be old, but i've been playing a long time. Bad events happen, you can't let yourself make a bad situation worse. And havinig spent years working in customer service heavy fields, I know the worst thing is not finding out you gave a customer a bad experience, until after they've made up their mind and decided to never come back. Any oppurtunity to show a fellow airsofter a good time, and give AMS that second chance with IRAM is a good thing in my book.
  19. Iram, I can't comment on your specifics, because I didn't get to attend Reindeer Games this year due to financial reasons, but I had a bit of input regarding your experience at the game, because I've been there. I was at a previous event, ran by the same individuals who comprise AMS now (I won't name the event to avoid derailing the discussion about this year's reindeer games) and I was having a piss-poor miserable time. If you think you had a bad pre-game experience, you should have been here. this event was held at a military MOUT site, getting in was a pain, finding where we were supposed to go from there was a pain, I wasn't 100% as prepared as I should have been for the sheer process of entering the facility gates, that put me in a sour mood. To top it off, the AO wasn't within walking distance of the parking lot, we had to be trucked from our cars (by now some of you know which game this was) to the AO, so you had to have everything ready to go, because getting back if something broke wasn't easy or quick. I, like you, was not in a very happy place before the game even started. this is kind of problem one. Not to say that you were at fault, because really, the experiences pre-gameon that put a sour taste in your mouth weren't a result of your actions, but it seems like it put you in kind of a sour mental space before the game even started. To continue the analogy, as the game wore on, my squad was told to hold buildings that didn't matter, we had TERRIBLE leadership and communication at this event. Just by virtue of knowing who your CO was for this event, I know if you'd have said something, you could have found yourself something more exciting to do than guard duty. (and I get it, I've been there, at a previous event, I've had 4 hour guard duty, it sucks, but damnit that's pretty milsim, and ended up being key to the strategy of the game). Sometimes, what you perceive as boring, is key, somebody has to do it, when you get sick of doing it, the onus is kind of on you to speak up and say something. At the event I am referencing, I didn't have that luxury. I couldn't get a hold of our CO, when I could, he didn't care at all about my good time. I was feeling similar to how you feel now. This was my second or third event with this particular production group (who would later become AMS) and even after a couple of comparatively stellar experiences, I was ready to pack up my stuff, and hit the road, after all, a 3 and a half hour drive home is better in the middle of the day, than twice as miserable in the middle of the night right? I decided to stick it out until I was killed (because, we managed to get into some firefights, unlike you, but the cheating issues we encountered were rampant) and I ran into what to this day (and it's been several years since this event) I still hold as the worst display of sportsmanship I have ever witnessed (which I won't describe, just know it was hella bad). I walked out of that particular shootout severely physically hurt because of player negligence, I was pretty pissed off. I was walking back to respawn with one of the guys I drove up with, very loudly venting my frustration about the event, my friend pleading with me to stay so he could try and get a few kills before we left, as we walked by JP. Here's where your experience and mine start to shift. JP was a combat-controller or something of the sort, I'm not 100% sure what his administrative capacity was at this game, but he was staff of some kind, and heard my very loud bitching and moaning, and in as much time as it took me to spit out my next four letter profanity, he laser-beam locked on to me and shot over to find out what had me so frakking pissed off. This experience is why I keep coming back, this ONE event, is what endeared me to AMS over just about every other event host I have played with, it's why I contribute to command staff for UFS at events, and try to help out where I feel I can now. JP shot over to me, immediately made sure someone was there to field my complaint, and handled the safety issue. I still had a pretty crappy time at the event. our team didn't do so hot, i'm pretty sure we lost, I had a helmet stolen, and all I got out of it was a pretty bitchin pair of patches, and a few jacked up fingers. I don't bring this event up in conversation when people ask me about cool places I've played, even though the AO is so badass, all the big producers want to put a game on there. But anytime someone asks me why they should play an AMS game over another producer, I bring this story up. I brought my issue to someone in charge (and now-a-days, that even includes your command staff, I can speak from experience here, having operated at the platoon leader level once or twice, that they do a good job of making sure that we make sure you guys are having fun) and my issue got handled, and while I didn't have the great time I thought my ticket price should have paid for, i had probably a 3 or 400% increase in postive experience. I went from having an event I'd have ranted and raved about forums for years about why you shouldn't attend this group's events to a game that was maybe just a little subpar on the playerbase standpoint, but JP made an impression on me, that day. Well, JP is just one guy right? He's not the only guy in charge of these things. Check this out, after American Milsim was officially a thing, I continued going to there events, initially because of this ultra-positive experience I had with JP. I attended broken home 1 with a couple of my teammates, and It was a MUCH better event. why do I bring this up? because every event is different. In fact, if you had a crappy time, I'd like to personally invite you to sign up UFS at your next game, slap on some multicam, and roll with my squad, I'll make sure you have a good time. we ALWAYS have a good time, because I pay a boat load of money to attend a game like broken home, im gonna get my good time. That's what I said when broken home 2 rolled around. Man, there's no question about it, the first day of that game, we got our ASSES whupped. I hurt the heck out of myself, but i encountered a similar experience of poor sportsmanship later on. I managed to flag down Bo (at least i'm pretty sure it was Big Silva) bring up my issues with this player and his hot-as-hell gun, and Bo made sure right then and there, this guy got chronoed. Bo didn't have to make it such a priority. I've certainly been in situations where I couldn't provide a description (this guy was pretty well hidden) othert han the sound his gun made, and a producer just says to me "you know what? i need to know more, just maybe don't go that way". Bo fixed the problem, and AFTER he did it, they made sure I knew it was taken care of. Blake and the rest of the staff are no different, any time I've had an issue or a question at the many events of theirs that I have attended, they make sure I get an answer and prompt service as a customer of their business. So, what I'm getting at is, I'm sorry your event experience sucked man. It's not your fault, by any means, and I don't want you to take what I'm writing to be me telling you it is your fault. What I am saying with that big wall of text is two things: 1. as a player, you have the ability to make as much fun as you want. I feel you did yourself a disservice in going home so early. I understand why you did, I get it, i've been there, but I do think you didn't give the game a chance to redeem itself. it sounds like CoST just wrecked my UFS brothers this time, and you left before you got a chance to experience it. the other thing is this. 2. the staff (both administrative and command) are there to help you with issues like the one you had. they can't know til you bring them up, and I'm glad you mentioned them here, like double tap said, this is how they get better. I'm not staff for AMS, sometimes I help out with game leadership, but these guys may as well have hung the moon for me, that's how highly I think of them. Bad events happen, give them a chance to make it right, and I bet you'll be impressed. P.S: I was dead serious about that invite. I have every intention of attending every broken home from now until it becomes physically impossible, I haven't missed one yet. You had a pretty gnarly bad experience. Switch teams, grab some multicam, and fold in with me and my guys, I'll make sure you have a good time. zippo and the cost guys are all good dudes. alot of them are my friends, (but im a sick person, I like to shoot my friends) see how you like it from the other side, who knows, maybe you just might change your mind. you won't know if you don't try.
  20. Huzzah! one extra one of me! I was far too sneaky for camera people though, seems I've only been caught at the raffle. but still, yay! Awesome Pics! I had to go and look back through the whole thing again.
  21. Yeah, Honestly here's what the solution SHOULD be, in my opinion: We have all this time during the in-between period of large events to discuss strategy, spend ten seconds issuing a "color" to a unit or a platoon or whatever. you just make a simple list: Alpha is red, Bravo Co is Blue, Charlie, Green, whatever. Then you say: Platoon leaders, it's your job to make sure your guys have a way to mark your guys with some kind of colored mark of a specific size (say, 2 square inches minimum) Get it don. Then, individual company leaders can decide what's best. Is ordering some colored patches is what you'd rather do because you don't wanna use tape, then order some patches. if all you're doing is ordering a square patch of a specific color with some velcro? that's easy. if you wanna go to the local lowes, grab some paint samples and stick on some velcro, cool. If you wanna be Milsim McGuyver (aka ronmexico) and smother your dudes in a hot mess of ducttape? Cool, that works too. Then you take a sharpie, write the guys squad number on the colored-whatever they now have stuck to em, and boom, done. Lost your company? find the guys wearing the same camo and colored field. Eventually you're gonna run back into your guys. if not, at least your with guys trying to do the same stuff you are.
  22. I'm not a fan of squad spawns. And I say this as a guy who really doesn't ever run into an issue because of them. I typically run as a squad leader, I make a point to stay ontop of when My guys go down, and require a respawn. My guys just head to the nearest respawn, comeback, we don't make any large pushes when we're not at full strength. But, I see guys all the time "I'm waiting for my squad" and think "what if your guys never come?" Give players the chance to get more of their money's worth, let em get back into the fight ASAP. mobile respawns faciltated this at BH3. I loved the idea (even though, thankfully, I never really had to make use of them). Squad Spawns aren't the answer to this "lone wolf by accident" problem. We've traditionally solved this in a few ways as a team: One: T-rex touched on this: Communication. This doesn't mean just good radio comms. It means keeping your guys informed. they don't need to understand or even know the justifications behind the decisions you make as a squad leader, but everyone in the squad down to the last man needs to know what that decision was. We got stuck in a bunker outside of coleville at bh3 holding off a massive push. as soon as we routed the first one, and I realized we were central to holding that side of the field, I decided on a plan, gave my guys a very specific route to walk to respawn (so if they came back, and we were all dead, we'd find each other) and laid down the law. They all knew that two things were important, what our objective was, and here's the fool-proof way to find each other. You then supplement with quality comms (which, while we had shit luck with our platoon radio wise, I could always hear my own guys) and we never were short anybody we were supposed to be until the second day when plans became a touch more "freeform". The second way we handled IFF was similar to top's idea. As a squad, we always run as a part of two teams, my team, MRR, and Blackout. We have fairly identifiable team patches, and all of us have them. so, if one of us got lost, it wasn't hard to find someone, and say "hey, have you seen these guys?" or "hey, have you seen the assholes in the ghillie suits anywhere?" that way, one of our two elements in the field was always there. So, how does this tie in? Top's tape idea is onto something. I remember seeing ron's guys too, it worked, I always knew where he was at, if I needed him for something. It could benefit both sides, the players as a whole, and in turn, gets us better events. The only issue I took with ron's tape plans was again, the size. it was obtrusive and big, but damnit it worked. So, a way to retain that effectiveness, without compromising some of the gearwhore's need to look super cool-guy, and maybe cut down on us functional guys who don't want bright fluorescent tape on us for the enemy to see a mile away. Top hates arm bands, but maybe it's actually the best way to go. How about, instead of arms, because as T-rex pointed out, more aggressive players will shed that tape faster than a husky in the summer texas heat, but somewhere else easily visible, where it can be easily secured, say, around the goggles (as top suggested), the shoulder pad of ones load bearing equipment, or the backsides of helmets. could solve a pretty big logistical problem for smaller teams at these games, who don't have the luxury of running exclusively with guys they are ALWAYS running with.
  23. I use a timberwolf. I've had it for several years, it sees very regular use, and I've had no issues with it (except with some WE mags i've bought for it, but the one it came with was fine... surprisingly). it is very picky about holsters, I doubt it'll fit your safariland at all. you'll need to go with custom kydex, or a blackhawk serpa for the g22 (which is how I holster mine, begrudgingly, I hate serpas.) It's a fine pistol, but if you're buying a pistol to match your holster (not the other way around, like most people) this is not going to be the one for you. I did have some GREAT luck with an old KWA g17. They don't make them anymore because of trademark issues, but sometimes you can get the KSC models, or get them from overseas. they use ATP mags (and until mine broke and I gave up on trying to find the one weird part i needed) it shot like a champ. It fit in nearly every glock holster I tried it in. In the safarilands (though, i did not try your model specifically), Blackhawks, it fit several of the Conceal Carry holsters I use to carry my actualy Glock 19. The only thing it never jived with was the original version of the 5.11 thumbdrive holster. That may be the option youw ant to look for, especially since it'll share compatibility with alot of the stuff you already have.
  24. Blackbird


    Aswayze, I think you're fishing here. I had ZERO issues with player hit calling at BH3. I had One issue with player hit calling at BH2. It's been a while, but I remember very few incidents of the same at BH1. This is just a recollection of AMS events. One thing I've had at all three of these events (and others I've played with POV's involved) is issues getting vehicles to call hits, or games using rules not conducive to proper vehicle engagement tactics, because, it was hard to get vehicles to call hits. I'm sorry, but it's unrealistic to me (more so than it is unrealistic to wear your "shiny spandex spiderman suits") that I can only kill a vehicle with a hit to a small 3 inch square on the front of the POV. A marking round solves that problem, because if the driver doesn't hear the impact and call hit, all it takes is 5 seconds with an admin to show him the chalk hit, and he goes "oh, okay man. cool, we'll drive back to respawn". now, instead of HAVING to rely on other players to enforce the douchebagery within themselves, you give no room for error. I don't see how this is a bad thing. And I fail to understand why you are so against it? Also: I'm not understanding your hatred of paintball here, and I think you're making some pretty crass generalizations about people who play paintball. I played paintball for many years before I got into airsoft. Not once did i wear these shiny spandex spiderman suits, in fact, alot of the gear I used was similar to the same gear I use to play airsoft with today. the weapons change. the projectiles changed. but the events I attended had no focus on trigger time so the promoter made more money, and spandex was nowhere in sight. sure, those things DO exist in paintball, but it's not the whole picture, and I think your generalization of the sport not only harms your argument against these chalk marking rounds, but in my opinion, harms the sport of airsoft as well. it's an old outdated style of thinking, and is our sport's equivalent to trying to mate by beating our chosen mate over the head with a stick. We got past that, I think we can get past hating paintball, because just like me, these paintballers may one day be the next generation of airsofters. Either way, it's irrelevant, clearly the majority supports the use of these chalk marking rounds. It's not because they are needed, if they were needed, that would mean POV's couldn't be used at all without them, which is simply not the case. People support these items because they make the game better. Don't we all just wanna make the game better?
  25. Blackbird


    I think that kind of thinking doesn't help anyone, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so I won't fault you for yours. as specs and parks already pointed out, this facilitates speed of play and speed of return after an admin debate. assuming nobody is going to question a hit because it's a game of honor is like assuming i can leave my door unlocked because breaking into houses is illegal. The reality is, arguments do happen, and while I think people arguing CAN be wankers, it doesn't mean they all are, using these allows everyone to, as you put it, go "Ok, sure thing." and call their hits. vehicle hits are much trickier than the average bb-to-player scenario. and as for the making a mess part, if you're that worried about getting your POV dirty, maybe you shouldn't bring the POV.
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