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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. LGM

    Lost items at RDGXI

    Dirtpro lost an old Thunder B grenade. Probably has an Elite Force shell on it. Also - paint is very worn on handle/spoon assembly.
  2. The letters J and P are in there too much. It's scaring me...
  3. Sounds fun. This old guy will bring the pain with the AK74.
  4. Yes, Doc, it does. If you try the 180 gr. ammo in it, it will hurt YOU too ! Garands with heavy bullets are rough on both ends.
  5. LGM


    Agreed on the LC9. Man, that thing shoots well for a small gun ! I'll probably go buy another LCP again, because it's so easy to grab and put in a pocket. As for the wife, let her shoot several guns. Most women like .38 revolvers or Glock 19, from what I've seen. You also might want to drop ol' Trent Painter a line in OKC at H&H Gun Range - reason? He talks with more shooters in one month than most will in a lifetime. Plus, he's fired more handguns than even I have, and carried a gun probably more in the line of duty than most anyone I can think of. The more I think about CCW, the more I want something simple. I'm a Sig and 1911guy, but that is not what most people should be using, lol.
  6. I'm actually going to try Magpul PMAGS later on. Most everyone that I've read about have had good success with PMAGs. I've had a really horrible time with MAG brand midcaps, as well as ICS and G&G hicaps. Honestly, the best mags I've ever used are the ones that are the straight Vietnam style midcaps that actually hold like 150 rounds, and the old metal Dboys 60rd midcaps. They work in pretty much any gun, and don't jam. Good luck with your quest.
  7. I used .28s in the little Cyma AK74S-UN that is my primary, for Op Broken Home. Before that, I had been using Elite Force .25s for most of the year. They are more stable. The .28's impressed me. Yes, they are slower, but the distances that my team and I were engaging the enemy required alot of stability. Some very long kill shots were achieved that wouldn't have happened, I believe, with lighter bb's. For closer up fighting environments I would say .25 or .28 is fine. For DDAP, I'll probably stick with .28's too. I would want them for Camp Gruber too. People call their hits better when they're pelted with .28s. Yes sir !
  8. Hey everyone. American Milsim now has their own exclusive edition BB Box from www.bunkerboxes.com This is the first preview of it. Bunkerboxes has agreed to make this available for purchase exclusively through this website. You've seen the BB Boxes at Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Florida skirmishes, as well at Oklahoma and Texas ops and sponsored events and at Camp Gruber. We have our own edition of it now - available in Rubbed Black finish with the new American Milsim logo and the USA Flag stencil. Custom stenciling can be added (callsigns, team names) on the lid too - contact JP or LGM for details. More info available soon !
  9. I would agree. I've had more problems with knives and food and drink than firearms with an airline. Almost zero problems with firearms when traveling, since it's not something that is carried on.
  10. I would like to try a GBB AK some time in the near future, as well as the KWA LM4, to get a hands-on experience with it. I enjoy using gas pistols alot, having come from a combat game/steel plate competition background, and would really like to see someone put on a handgun-only skirmish or two, for some up close adrenaline and headgame action. That's about as fun as I can think of airsoft getting for me - either outdoor or indoor. Anxious to see how the KWA Kriss gun does in the reviews as well. If only someone would come up with a gas blowback UZI too.
  11. LGM

    What is your trade?

    Not in his case. LOL Alpha is what you could call an airsoft ambassador. High standards of conduct and disposition. Retired educator, I believe. Helped introduce me into airsoft. We spent some quality time on the field at Kashistan in recent times.
  12. 'scuse me while I go wash out my eyes and ears now. Ewwwzz
  13. I've used one of these alot as well, and overall I like it too. I'm going to end up with some sort of battle belt/suspenders rig most likely, but for most applications this chest rig works well. The bounce issue with the hydration can probably be remedied by reworking the fit adjustment of the tension straps on the rig, or possibly running just a little less water. Alot of water is going to bounce, and there's usually a way to resupply water quickly during a day of airsoft.
  14. USA made is...my preference too. Point taken. My products are made here as well. (big patriotic grin)
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