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  1. Thanks for bringing this to light! I had heard about this system before and was recently searching for it again. It looks like a fantastic platform for something a little more lightweight, and agreed on the trauma kit extraction system. I'm definitely shooting an email to James about getting that for my kit!
  2. Headed to OP Blue/Grey in platoon 1 squad 1-2! Really psyched to see you guys there!
  3. I imagine basic rules like MEDs and such probably aren't that different, but I'd reccomend checking out the ohiomilsim forums for rules etc.
  4. According to the AMS rule set, no. I can see why as it may call into dispute players who claim to be it in the pates/helmet but were really hit in exposed extremeities. Check the AMS rules here ( americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43-ams-standard-rule-set/ ) for closer examination and further questions .
  5. Whats going on guys! Just though I'd introduce myself since I had some spare time. I go by Alex, and I really don't have a callsign other than my team designation of NC1. I live in good ole' NC amongst the rednecks, but I'm Texas born and raised ! I'm an M4/M16 fanatic, mostly because its the gun that's been kicking ass for America since its Colt conception in 1960. I also love me some M81, and I'm psyched that AMS and MARSOC have kina jointly made it cool again . Other than that, I love to learn leadership and enjoy leading when I can. Thanks for reading dudes (and gals), NC1 over and out!
  6. *I got this JP * If there are any, they haven't been announced yet, as far as I know, there haven't been any AMS events in Ohio. Sorry to dissappoint. You could always make the drive to Ballahack in Chesapeake Va this October! Or there is an event in Colorado coming up! Best of luck in finding some milsim in your area. Check ohiomilsim.com for some event lists .
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