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  1. Bomber

    OP Signup?

    I don't get paid for another week and a half, so this news just made my day.
  2. Kastway has helped me when my gun broke down at RY2 and when I lost my front sight at ESR 2. My step dad and I have made over $500 worth of purchases from them with no issues. They're friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would certainly recommend them.
  3. The uniforms were a slight issue for us. As CDF, we saw black jackets and assumed they were on our team, but they also turned out to be wearing MultiCam pants. It was quite obvious which side they were on after they shot and killed our squad...
  4. I am under the age of 16, but will have a guardian playing with me and staying with me at the AO. What forms do I need to fill out considering he is already a legal guardian.
  5. This is my preliminary 6094 loadout. Still looking to get BFG mag pouches and back panel setup.
  6. Sunday, I was enjoying myself at Operation Rebel Yell II, and started hearing that RDGXII may be held in Dallas. Now, I'm not sure where these reports were heard from, but I am very excited to hear them at all nonetheless. If it is near the Oklahoma area, you can expect to see me there. Looking forward to another great op. See you all in December!
  7. Do we bring all of the forms to the event, or do we need to scan/email them to you guys prior. If so, how long do we have to email them?
  8. Hello, everyone! It's Bomber, again, back to tell you about a great opportunity for newer players to meet others and get affiliated with more experienced airsoft players and milsim enthusiasts. COMTAC/Tudzik squad is looking for more members for Op: Rebel Yell II. If you are an individual, and don't know what you want to do as far as a squad, come join us! We are a fairly new squad that formed out of the remnants of the TARS squad. We welcome new players with open arms, and it costs nothing to join our squad other than the ORY2 Entry Fee. This is a great way to meet new people and get your foot in the awesome door that is milsim. To join, go here: https://ams.ticketbud.com/ory2 Scroll down to "CoST Army" Click on the "quantity" button Click "1" Hit "buy now" Click "register manually" This is how the tabs should look: Purchaser Info First Name *Last Name *Email Address * Copy this information to all ticket holders? CoST Army (Woodland / OD / A-TACS FG) Ticket Holder #1 Ticketholder First NameTicketholder Last NameTicketholder Email *Street Address * City * State * Zip code * Date of Birth * Operator Handle * Team / Squad Affilation * Role: Squad Leader, Rifleman, Medic, DMR, SSW, HWS, Sniper * Phone Number xxx-xxx-xxxx * Medical Conditions * Emergency Contact Name * Emergency Contact Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx * Shirt Size * First Name: Your first nameLast Name: Your last nameEmail: Your Email Ticketholder's First Name: Your first nameTicketholder's Last Name: Your Last NameTicketholder's Email: Your EmailStreet Address: Your addressCity: Your cityState: Your stateZip Code: Your zip codeDoB: Your date of birthOperator Handle: Your operator handleTeam/Squad Affiliation: COMTAC BravoRole: Remaining: Rifleman (5), Medic (1), HWS (1), SSW (1)Phone #: Your phone numberMedical Conditions: Your medical conditionsEmergency Contact Name: Your emergency contactEmergency Contact Phone: Your emergency contact's phone numberShirt Size: Your shirt size If you are a minor, follow the instructions here:http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/997-minor-application/&do=findComment&comment=8344 You must follow the exact loadout listed here:http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1683-cost-pl3-s2-uniform-specifications/
  9. Is there any way I could get Jefe's spot changed from a rifleman to a medic? He's worried our squad won't fill up enough, so he wants to change.
  10. Hello! It's Bomber here, just wanting to let you know about the state we (COMTAC) are in for ORY2. I have almost all of my gear ready, minus a sidearm, boonie hat, and some black boots. I am also planning on getting the 10 pack of the DE Elite Force 140-round mid-caps. My real IFAK and a dump pouch are being shipped to me, along with a woodland combat shirt. I also have a PEQ battery box to go along with my ARES shorty CQB front end kit. I picked up my bandages today, and helped Jefe get more of his gear ready. Jefe- I was able to convince Jefe to buy alot of his gear yesterday, as ASGI is having their flat rate shipping week. He now has his primary gun, a G&G Full Metal GC-16 M4 Raider Long AEG in tan, being shipped with his Elite Force 1911 Tac, which is also the pistol I plan on getting very shortly. He also has the following being shipped: 4000 LT Bio-Degradable BBs- .25g CYMA BB Speed Loader LT CA-211 Goggles Tenergy 9.6V NiMh Battery Tenergy NiMh Smart Charger Ten Elite Force M4 140-round Mid-caps in DEB M4 Style Speed Loader As far as the spots on the team go, we are still fairly open, so if you need a team, and don't really know anybody, then be sure to add "COMTAC Bravo" in the squad affiliation slot during registration. Be sure to read the standard loadout thread, which can be seen here: http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1683-cost-pl3-s2-uniform-specifications/ We are part of the CoST Army. In our platoon, you can also find SPOT: https://www.facebook.com/SPOTAirsoft and Mystery Squad: https://www.facebook.com/www.mysterysqaudmilsim You can't find us on facebook, but you can find us on instagram at: http://www.instagram.com/comtac Thanks for your consideration, Bomber
  11. OK. One more small change for you guys. Bring multiple means of communication. Cell Phone- If you don't already have one, you really should stop living in the 1990s. It's 2013. You can get a flip phone for free* at AT&T. Handheld Radio- PLEASE bring some type of radio so that we can communicate with each other and discuss. Communication is key when trying to complete an objective and communicate positions. *free phone is subject to a 2 year contract with the service provider listed above
  12. I want to make a few changes to this. Due to the 2013 AMS Medic Rule, I would like everyone to have OD or M81 pouches except for your IFAK. If the IFAK could be tan, that would be great. As you know, if you don't bring your own bandages, you will have to go back to re spawn every time you get hit. If you can't get your own bandages for some weird reason, please let me know and I'll buy 2 for you. The next change is about water. Even if you have no hydration pack or canteen (I would recommend one), I will be providing a few gallons of water for the team. I'll be bringing water bottles as well as some 1 gallon jugs, so I think we should be good. I have also heard that some water will be provided at the MASH units. The last change is not really a change at all, but more of a notification. I WILL NOT BE PROVIDING BBS. Let me just say that one more time. I WILL NOT BE PROVIDING BBS I have gone to so many places only to find out that my friends didn't bring ammo. I find this very annoying when I have to use the ammo that I had to pay for to fill mags for your enjoyment. To make matters worse, when I ask for ammo from them, and they obviously have thousands of rounds, they always say that they're "running low". Don't be that guy. Bring your own BBs or I'm only giving you my cheap-o .12 grams. That should be about it. If you want to join the squad, we still need a medic, HWS, SSW, and 5 riflemen. Please talk to me on Skype so I can inform you about changes. Skype username- rtm13228 See you guys on the field -Bomber
  13. I am the leader of COMTAC. I haven't worked with Tudzik before, and am not sure where they're from. We, however, are from Oklahoma City and Edmond. We formed about 3 months ago out of the remnants of my old team, TARS. I am sad to announce that Jefe will likely be the only member of my team attending. Most of my other teammates don't have the money to go, I guess. I am still unsure about a few members. Anyway, it's a pleasure to be working with you.
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