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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. This will be a close quarters engagement.....for the most part. Carry lots of primary weapon mags and if you carry a pistol load ever mag you have for it. Ams from my experience is full of really good people so don't be nervous if your coming by yourself. Keep an eye on the weather the week of the op and plan your clothing accordingly!!!! Read the Ruleset!!! Make sure to get intouch with your squad leader at least a week before if not sooner. You can usually find them on the ufs forum for the op your attending under the "roster" section. I never do any work on my weapons two days prior to any event. I clean them make sure everything is "tight" then leave them alone!!! Try and label your ifak pouch. STICK WITH YOUR SQUAD!!!!!!!! good luck! Callsign is IRISH I'll be at ironclad.
  2. Irish

    ufs camo

    well that sucks ! Thats 5 active duty Infantry that wont be attending
  3. Irish

    ufs camo

    I know this subject is talked about alot but I have active duty friends with acu bdu's and dont want to buy more camo to play. Is this going to be an issue?
  4. My two cents only add up to using A mirror ( not weapon mounted ) to peak corners. One person could at least suppress an entire flank using this tactic with no chance of being taken out. From one stand point this is great , from another it grinds the GAME to a halt. I'm sure we all can see both sides and have our or opinions about what is best. While I like your ingenuity , I don't feel it has a place in airsoft milsim.
  5. What's that patriot compound in louisiana?
  6. Will kastaway be on sight and will they have any helmets? I've ordered various sizes online and so far none have fit well. Is will ACU be accepted for ufs? I have active duty friends coming to play that don't want to get new camo.
  7. Hey , looking for upper and lower ris for m249 for less the 80 shipped. Also a collapsible stock for under 50 shipped. Mildly negotiable on price if you have all 3.
  8. The site won't let me like bravo 34s post so........LIKE!!! Step up the comms or use some damn runners.
  9. P.S.- Both the CoST trooper and I laughed and joked about it and no hard feelings were shared. AMS has a great group players. IRISH out
  10. My account of UFS/CoST ceasefire. After the ceasefire was called and the CDF advance on the eastern flank was halted myself and several other UFS troops were able to link up with CoST units outside of building 2402. Most of the UFS troops including myself took some hits pushing across the courtyard to the building and were down , CoST forces inside the north end of the building pulled us out of fire and got us back in the fight. Together we assualted and cleared the southern end of the building where a single rifleman/dmr had cutoff much of the UFS effort to advance from that position. Shortly after I was able to link up with one other member of my squad in city hall. From the top floor I saw the same CoST trooper who pulled me out of fire crossing the field to the south of end of city hall carrying INTEL. As I arrived on the field satuday squad 3-1 was informed by TOP that our main objective was to find and capture INTEL cases located on the field. I made a snap decision ,knowing the ceasefire would not last, I ran down from the top floor and got the CoST troopers attention. As he knew we were at a ceasefire and had just saved my ass he approached without hesitation. I simply put my hand on his shoulder and said " i know were peaceable now but i can't let you leave with that" and raised my rifle in to his leg. I asked him nicely to follow me towards the school house where I took control of the INTEL and released him. (without thinking i told him to just throw his deadrag on so my guys wouldn't shot him) This presumabley led to the UFS/CoST standoff outside of our FOB when CoST came asking for their property. If this led to the breakdown of the ceasefire and troops on both sides getting massacred I'm sorry but the INTEL was my mission! I personally liked that it led to some really unexpected or scripted stuff like the standoff and negotiation !! IF CoST or even my fellow UFS disagree with my decision , next time i'll pause the game and you guys can make the decision for me, NOT!!! I had a blast at my first AMS and will definitely be back for more!
  11. awesome to read all the different accounts of what happened and find out about things i had no idea happened , like that sweet rocket shot.
  12. i was at the car repairing a gun during the sunday afternoon reset. does anyone know Really why it happened ? As for the UFS/CoST cease-fire ending , it never should have happened in the first place and as my first AMS event i don't understand why AMS would throw out the story-line and help the enemy kill civilians. all in all i had great time , a few hot-headed moments watching people not call hits but for the most part very fair players . sorry if i shot any of you already dead lol
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