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  2. Simply adding some modifications to a field rifle so it appears to be a DMR shouldn't prevent you from being a medic. Since your rifle isn't actually a DMR according to the AMS rules, you would simply be a medic with a aesthetically modified rifle.
  3. meh, if the forecast holds this Op will be a breeze compared to Rebel Yell 2. That first day was the worst soul-sucking heat Ive ever played in lol!
  4. I have to say I am a big fan of this rule. I know a lot of people wont like being limited in what they can do (which I can understand to a point) but rules like midcaps and semi-auto only are the best ways to control gameplay in my opinion. Making the SSW the focal point of the squad in terms of offensive firepower and suppression ability is not only more "realistic" but also frees the other members of the squad to be more mobile and aggressive. SOG is a smaller 5 man squad, but we have been utilizing a LMG very effectively in our first 2 AMS events fighting for the CDF. My brother uses a modified RPK with standard AK highcaps, a carry handle and swivel bi-pod mount to keep his gun lighter and more mobile in order to keep up with the rest of the squad. We find his weapon is more than sufficient to give us effective downrange fire to cover our attacks, or bolster our defense.
  5. Ok, this is going to be my one camo question since they seem to pop up before every Op lol. Will OD tops and bottoms be allowed as a green color for BH3. I saw that you can wear OD heargear and just wanted a clarification on this issue. Our squad mainly wears OD when playing for the "green team" in airsoft, so if the rules have changed I wanted to know in advance if we need to get some new stuff.
  6. Very nice AAR. I thought it summarized the action well. Being a standard infantryman in the fight, It was also nice to know what other missions the CDF had going on while we were engaging the USF forces in the junkyard. Shame the weather turned so bad and degraded our fighting capability so much at the end. Still I had a great time!
  7. I completely agree with Nasty and Bagel. Everyone wants to sound super gung-ho for this, but the reality is that the longer the game goes on without a break, the more and more people are going to drop out. Id rather everyone be able to give 100% effort for a shorter time than have a game linger on with diminishing returns for the people who are left. Plus, like others were saying, games like this would put a lot of extra pressure and stress on the admins to keep the game running smoothly. AMS events seem to cater to a large portion of the MIlsim community, not just the super hard core guys, and I love this about them. I for one appreciated the breaks at Rebel Yell 2, regardless of the heat.
  8. No one is saying that the CDF should be a full fledged faction for every game. You would certainly expect such a force to be much inferior in the open field to larger, better equipped armies. But it makes great sense in a city environment. Urban combat has always been a great equalizer in combat, allowing relatively poorly equipped forces to inflict much pain and delay on superior units. So having the CDF be a significant factor in this game was is in no way "unrealistic". It was a hard fight for UFS and CoST because real urban combat is hard fighting.
  9. I had no problem identifying my fellow CDF guys from the other two groups even at a distance. I thought the black tops made up pretty distinct. Hell, as a complete unit our top color was more uniform than either CoST or UFS, who used several varieties of colors and camos.
  10. I had a great time at this Op running with the CDF. The battles were intense and I loved the diplomacy aspect. At times I got to intermingle and fight with both sides, which was really cool. For example, even after our brief cease fire with CoST fell apart the last day, one of our squad leaders was able to personally negotiate with a CoST leader who gave us safe passage through his forces and let us outflank the USF. Even though CDF and CoST were shooting each other in other parts of the AO, everyone upheld their end of the bargain. My favorite part was moving the CDF's ammo supply from the city to the train station through the woods "Ho Chi Minn trail" style lol. Our fire team was scouting ahead, and looking back you could see 10-12 guys in single file lugging big metal containers through the forest. To top it off we launched a surprise attack on the station and captured it after some brief but intense fire.
  11. Brewer, this video is obviously a poorly doctored piece of of propaganda lol. The mystery squad will be on notice for spreading these vile lies!
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  13. The people and workers of the CDF will not be bullied by the USF fascists to the north or the oil greedy CoST capitalists to the south! All enemies of the people will perish if they enter the city with hostile intent! I urge all my fellow CDF comrades to bitterly resist this thinly disguised imperialism from both sides! You can be assured that SOG will sacrifice all for our noble cause! No mercy for cowards! Not one step back!
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