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  1. The best part was the feed back we received from the staff who where observing our play. Cant wait to use it for the next event
  2. DAM (not DAM Mission...that would be Direct Action Mission Mission lol ) Deaths Hand Airsoft participated in an American Milsim Direct Action Mission (DAM) while at OP Faded Giant II in Barnwell, SC in November 2013. Enjoy. (Best played super loud)
  3. Footage of DH at American Milsim's OP Rebel Yell II. This event was by far one of our best yet. The AO was amazing, and as always at American Milsim events, the sportsmanship was outstanding. The 45 degree weather tested our endurance and gear but in the end we prevailed. Lesson learned...need a 3rd back up weapon. Enjoy!
  4. 1-1 Baby! No sqd-ld yet - so if anyone on 1-1 needs anything PM me. DH9
  5. Great video, It was awesome rolling with you guys! Driving at night has never been the same since this event! DH9 Deaths Hand
  6. Wow...what an amazing event! Deaths Hand Airsoft and I would like to thank everyone for their hospitality and outstanding sportsmanship at RY2. DH attends many US events every year and has yet to witness the display of professionalism and good conduct that we saw during RY2. Thanks to everyone for making the journey well worth it for us “ehâ€. Hopefully “ya’ll†had as much fun as we did (see what I did there). We’re looking forward to seeing everyone soon – Keep in touch! DH9 Out!
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