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  1. Inside the MED - pull your pistol or milsim ax, simple as that.
  2. At OBH6 I elected to use no face protection due to the heavy humidity index during the OP. While I was positioned at the wall near Peggaces bridge I was shot in the face by an opposing player at a distance of less than 8 feet. I know stuff happens and I was the first one to tell the guy that when he apologized for the face shot. The hit area immediately swelled up and significant blood loss was present. A cost medic (who was an actual EMT in real life) cleaned me up and after my bleed out, I left for the FOB. Days later after the swelling had gone down and the injury had closed, I discovered I had a 6mm BB under my skin. So long story short - I think the no MED rule with AEGs shooting upwards to 400fps has shown that the BB can penetrate unprotected skin under the 20 ft range and that AMS staff should rethink this rule. I am in favor of the 20 ft MED and re-allow automatic fire from AEGs that is pretty much the rule with the rest of the world. ...anybody else's thought here? Sabre
  3. I prefer the Baofeng BF-888S over the UV5R simply because the 888 has the channel switch knob on the top of the radio. So you only have to reach down and switch the channel and it will respond with the channel number in your headset, that is much easier than having to pull the UV5R out of the pouch and use the face keyboard to change channels. To me the only drawback is the 888 does not monitor dual bands, but at $13 on Amazon and you usually only monitor 1 or 2 frequencies per OP and the power matches the UV5R - so to me it is a no brainer.
  4. The A&K trigger WILL lock up on you causing continuous fire until you pull the batteries - replace it! at OBH You are allowed 3000 rds total to carry for the saw, the standard box will carry 2000+. You are allowed to carry another box for the remaining 1000 rds, so your choice for carry bag. Carry a pistol (w 2x mags at least) for MED is 60 ft with the saw. Get a GOOD 2 point sling for the saw since it weighs 15+ lbs. You will find the deployable legs aren't very useful, I put Velcro on the back of the legs and in the bottom of the grip to keep them tucked in. Run a kit as light as you can but carries water and some power bars.
  5. Just medics and SLs can give aid is not good enough - it doesn't play in the real world. In real world, buddy aid is a reality. In the OBH scenarios for 2017, we have 1 medic assigned for the entire squad of 3 fireteams. Say during the action, fireteams can become separated in flanking manuvers, that prevents the flanking unit from getting aid if the medic stays with the fixing force. Can we decide that first time hit buddy aid with units w/o medics available can be considered?
  6. "SSW may use high-cap magazines that carry up to 3000 rounds". The rules says plural on magazines, so can the SSW guy carry more than one magazine on his/her person that contains up to 3000 rounds each? If yes, is there magazine max for the SSW guy/gal? Second question: If the SSW guy only has one box mag, is s/he allowed to carry extra refill ammo for the one box mag or is that to be in the resupply box?
  7. I have different models of M4's and my QD sling points fit in all of them - so the QD specifications appears to be universal.
  8. Sabre

    The Little Things.

    Pretty much most the above, but include sm bottle of J&J no tears shampoo and buf rag for anti-fog, also extra CO2 cylinder for my pistol and the only Allen key is the one that fits my pistol mag. Compass, elect. tap, zip ties, multi-tool, pocket knife are pretty much it. Also sm bottle of super glue for whatever.
  9. As a former Marine, "UFSMC" or "UFS Marines" is no problem as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Order a cutoff lever for a version 2 gearbox. Cost is maby $2.00. The shipping will probably be more than the part. I agree with the guys above - most likely the cutoff lever is being raised on the first semi shot, but it stays up (probably sticking) and this will cause the gun to shoot full auto until you release the trigger. You will need this fixed before you attend any AMS events cause for some stupid reason AMS believes we can't control our bursts and requires us troopies to shoot semi for all AEGs.
  11. This trooper and his friend has been slotted.
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  13. I checked too and don't see his call sign - he must be in UFS.
  14. SpartanC54 - Did you sign up for CoST or UFS? if CoST then what is your name so I can check my data to see where you are.
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