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  1. Hey folks, i was wondering if anyone was driving from west PA/ohio? I'm willing to pay half the gas and meals (gas for my weight/Meals for the service). I'm PCSing and taking leave during this time so i wont have a car as it gets shipped back to the states. thank you much -Ryan
  2. how about a tan sidewinder flashlight? has 6208 on the joint in white
  3. Hey joker, toothpick here. AO Dave has some up, couple of us trying to provide aid.
  4. a nice soft shell or long johns should work for low 40s
  5. Those swamps.... Gonna have flash backs to that.. What happen to the missile my fire team found? GO Squad 3!
  6. It was awesome, I can't wait to do another AMS event! To bad CoST got pushed out of the town.
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