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  1. All this shenanigans is easily solved at the lowest level of leadership: the squad leader. Part of being an effective leader is ensuring the physical health of your troops. Admins shouldn't be enforcing hydration or forcing people to hydrate at spawn points. The squad leaders should be ensuring their guys (and gals) are hydrating adequately throughout the day. It really isn't that hard to look at your squad when they're all standing around waiting for action, or taking a break during movements, or respawning etc. to say "everyone hydrate." Squad leaders (and squad mates) should also be watching out for one another. Sure, you can tell everyone to drink water, but if they make their own choice not to, a leader should be paying attention to how their team is performing and paying attention to the symptoms of a heat casualty. If someone is dragging ass, sit them the fuck down, unsheath the knife hand and get them back in shape. That's the responsibility of being a leader. You choose to ensure your team makes it through the day effectively. It's milsim right? So if you elect to be a squad leader because you want to "act" like a leader, why not be a leader and police your troops? At the end of the day we're all grown ups here or under the supervision of a grown up. You've got to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. If someone wants to carry a liter of water on the field and refill that bastard six times, so be it. If someone doesn't want to hydrate before the event, it isn't my responsibility to pay extra to provide them with water and force them to drink it. Hydration is an over stressed topic. It's blasted over the airways prior to the event, prior to STARTEX, and during play. You can only hold someone's hand for so long before they need to grow up and be responsible. Further, it's the players responsibility to be truthful during LACE reports and to get off the field if they have no water or are starting to feel those classic heat casualty symptoms. No one on that field is an operator. Sorry. You don't have to go Delta, SEAL, Ninja-Warrior trying to prove you're a bad ass because the only thing that will happen from being irresponsible is your ass will fall out. You'll only prove that you're really just an idiot because you can't assess your situation and make a solid decision about your abilities and your physical health. I understand your concern but your solution is logistically unsound. Back in the day MSE tried to supply water bottles to everyone on the field and D-Day ended up being a trash heap. Their response was "never again." That's the kind of thing that ensures we don't get invited back to the AO. That's a loss for everyone. Also, I will not pay for someone that has no desire to be responsible for their own health. I already have to do that with my taxes, I don't want to do it for my hobbies too. Players need to look out for themselves first, then their teammates, and above all, first line leaders need to look out for their squads.
  2. I know what DPM is. I also know DPM is not woodland. Just because they're both green doesn't mean it's authorized. If DPM was allowed, the post would say DPM is allowed. That's the point.
  3. This. I always raise my rifle straight up in the air by the butt stock to make it obvious I'm assuming a non-combat posture to signal I've been hit. 100% of the time it works 60% of the time.
  4. I have no problem with there being no MED, so long as I don't get popped in the face. Or the ear. Man, the ear is a bitch. I understand that sometimes accidents happen when someone comes over a hill but I try to remain conscious of a man's center mass so I don't shoot out his tooth. I also understand that sometimes the only thing to shoot at is a guy's face because that's all he's giving me to shoot at. At the same time, I understand that's all I've given plenty of people to shoot at as well and in doing so I have to be an adult and realize that I might take one to the grill. Also, this is why I rock a helmet. It doesn't hurt to get shot in the bean anymore. In most situations though, it isn't an issue. I've generally always had a clear shot at the body if I'm close enough to have to worry about MED. Semi-auto rules vastly decrease the chance of getting lit-up or "taught a lesson." I wasn't keen on the rule when they announced it, but after BH3, I was sold. It's a great idea and one I hope more events start to implement. If you're worried about a little welt on Monday, all I can say is man up. Chicks dig war wounds brah. Tell em' you got it 'Nam.
  5. Why is it so damn difficult to understand that what is listed is what is approved? DPM is not on the list. DPM is not allowed. Christ, people. Just cause it's kinda maybe, probably, possibly, pretty much, somewhat similar doesn't mean it's an approved cammo. AMS is very clear about this for each event but for some reason these questions keep popping up. If it's listed, you can wear it. If it isn't, leave it at home. I don't get why any serious Mil-Sim player does not have at LEAST a set of woodland and a set of DCU. They're pretty much universally accepted as green or tan patterns just about everywhere.
  6. Colorado? Very please. Much win. So Milsim.
  7. Just stay in your lane my man and ignore those that seek to harass others because they can break the bank on gucci-gear. If the shit works and it serves its function, that's all that matters.
  8. Bane

    Belt Question

    I'd also echo getting some suspenders if you choose to continue using the same battle belt. I run an Infidel War Belt from US Grunt Gear which I've found has great retention and doesn't bounce around all over my hips (I don't use suspenders) due to the velcro system they use. Like the HSGI, it's a bit pricey, but sometimes you have to drop the beans if you want the quality. Buy once, cry once. http://www.usgruntgear.com/inpawarbe.html I also upgraded the buckle to a Cobra Buckle which I feel is more secure and durable than the plastic one most belts come with.
  9. Pst...lacrosse is the most American game there is. Just so you know. Look it up.
  10. One more step towards LARP.
  11. It always fascinates me how often that stuff changes. Now a days you'll only see guys blousing their boots in As if they're in an airborne unit. I always thought it looked sharp as hell. I also wasn't too thrilled when I had to give up my maroon baret when I got in country. I get the uniformity shenanigans, but some of those things that you had to earn should just be allowed.
  12. This is one of those grey areas. Things like these, at least to me, should be met with a little more stipulation than items such as rank or a unit patch. I say this because there is a lot of tradition behind earning something like a HOG's tooth. It requires a person to complete a certain task which is often very difficult and requires a little bit of honor on that person's part. You can track down someone's rank or a unit they were in because that person is given orders that clarify when they were awarded such a thing and everyone knows orders make it official. Generally, someone is given a certificate of completion for something like a HOG's tooth, but that isn't the same as having a set of orders, thus honor is required to wear it. When I was in Korea my unit held an event known as the "Manchu Mile." A twenty-five mile ruck march held every so often in honor of an eighty-five mile forced march completed by 9th Infantry soldiers during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900. It's a symbol of the unit's history and is very arduous. When you complete it, you're awarded a belt buckle to signify your accomplishment. Usually, the joe can wear it within the batallion, but once he leaves it's no longer authorized for wear. I know guys that wore it anyways, but it depends on how stickler someone wanted to get with uniform regs. I have one of these belt buckles, but I got it by virtue of being a part of the Manchu Regimental Association, not by earning it. Thus, I don't ever wear it. I also hated wearing my maroon baret in my Airborne unit until I went and earned my wings. Things like this have special meaning and long histories associated with them. My old man still gets pissy about the wide Army wearing black barets, because apparently that used to be a tradition for tankers (eventhough the Rangers wore them for a small period before hand). Same thing goes for the Stetson and spurs that Cav guys earn. They're awards that are not "official" in a sense, but are part of a unit's history or are earned in honor of that unit's lineage. They're hard to get and should be worn only by those that earned them. The only time I think I would find it acceptable for an item like this to be worn is if it was given to you by someone that earned it. If you are wearing it in honor of that person and their accomplishment. If your intent is to wear it just because you want to honor all of those that did, I think you should find another avenue to do it. It's great that you have aspirations to join the military one day. When you finally hit the fleet you'll find great pride in earning your Shell Back or Golden Dragon and similar honors and traditions. So, just do your time and you'll earn your own achievments. TL;DR: You didn't earn it, don't wear it. /hug
  13. I know they didn't. It was a question raised by the OP.
  14. My opinion on the OPs original quesiton about needing to modify all AEGs is that AMS games are not the only events that I play at through out the year. I'm all for trying this out, but I wouldn't modify my weapon simply because AMS said so. As someone who doesn't have fifteen AEGs at my disposal like some of you cats, ( ) it just wouldn't be feasable.
  15. I run 7.4s from this company. They're 1100 mah, but two of them generally last me the whole weekend (I am not rediculously trigger happy). They're decently priced which I like and they will build you custom battery as well as having options for crane stocks. Just ask if you have questions. They're good at getting back to you about specific models. http://www.eliteairsoftbatteries.com/category/62-lipo-airsoft-batteries.aspx
  16. I got the same thing. I just logged into Facebook and had no trouble viewing the pictures.
  17. Bane


    Interesting. I have owned my M&P since they introduced them and I have never had this problem.
  18. Interesting concept. I'd have to get one for each and every molle spot so it looked like a shiny suit o' armor!
  19. That's an expensive ass take down pin.
  20. Thanks AMS and all your slew of ya-hoos that put all this together. Like any true AAR, three sustains and three improvements shall be rendered thus. Sustain: 1. I found that the early safety brief really helped to get the game rolling on time. I was pleasently suprised that things actually got started in a timely manner on Saturday without everyone standing around holding their junk. This was a good change and one I think you guys should continue to implement. 2. Medic and respawn rules appear to be working well. I enjoy the accountability of my own bandages. I also prefer having an ace bandage tied around my arm than a wad of tape that I'll end up throwing on the ground. I like that squads respawn together. This allowed me to maintain accountability of my squad when people started to die during a firefight or if we became combat ineffective. I knew where everyone would be and it was simple to link up and regroup. 3. Coleville was not the center of attention! HOORAY! Though I like engaging in Coleville, I don't like spending the majority of the OP buggering over it. I enjoyed that other parts of this massive field were put into use for once and that I was afforded ample opportunity to get my hump on walking to objectives. The fighting at Pegasus was awesome and I'm happy the game was tailored away from Coleville this time. Improve: 1. There needs to be a winner. This yellow participation ribbon crap only serves to advance the pussification of America. Losing is part of life and is a valuable lesson that should serve as motivation to get better. If you don't like to lose then train harder or longer to get better so you can win. Everyone is eager to jump on the "milsim" bandwagon and look the part, but fails to realize that in war there are losers. If you want a better milsim experience, the winning team should have the satisfaction of knowing their hard work paid off. One of the first things our CO said to us on Saturday was that there are no winners at AMS events and in my mind I couldn't help but wonder "what the fuck am I sweating my balls off for if it means nothing in the end?" Self gratification only goes so far. I suggest instituting a point system where completing particular objectives is worth so many points where each team has the ability to earn the same amount of points with the opportunity to complete the same amount of objectives. Make a really long list so they cannot all be feasibly obtained in one weekend. At the end of the event declare a clear winner if there is one or a draw. 2. I concur with Moses that engagment distances need to be clear and that safety kills must be honored. It is a safety kill for a reason. Myself and multiple members of my squad were engaged within the 20 foot zone and we all recieved multiple shots to the head where they drew blood. "It's milsim, don't cry about it!" Fine, than establish that there are no safety kills and be done with it. Making the safety kill optional makes me not give two hoots about popping someone with my AEG with no regard to their distance from me because I don't want to "die." 3. Uniforms. I would prefer it be simplified to only two colors. Woodland and tri-color desert. Easy-peasy. I'm sure im in the minority here because everyone wants to look super-uber-high-speed-low-drag-hooah-oorah running around in their fancy garb but it serves as a frustration trying to identify targets. If the blouse is removed, only a green or tan shirt may be worn. No black, certainly no red (you know who you are), no fuschia. Simplify the whole thing by making it two easily obtainable patterns, force on force, done. Special teams can be identified by the patch they recieve at registration and flip flopping of PMCs is negated. CDF wears civilian clothes with an arm band or some form of clear identification which indicates their team affiliation. Cheers, see you guys next year.
  21. Yeah, I figured it probably was. The mission was a little bit too easy and I thought that CDF was probably tasked with giving us a little oposition. Also, since we walked right back out into the fray at Pegasus right next to CDF it had to have been an assigned task. I just brought it up since there seems to be so much controversy surrounding CDF's involvement, but since I assumed they were tasked with it, I haven't been bitching about it. It ain't nothing but a thing. Were you one of the Marines, Bagel?
  22. Hey Nate, You know me and my integrity and I'll tell you myself, in my own experience, CDF did at least one time attack my squad. Shortly after lunch on Saturday my Sheep were tasked with moving from Caen to Coleville and linking up with Dwayne (Sp?). We were told we had to beat UFS there and then escort him to wherever he had to go. We found him waiting at the spawn point on the Southern end of Coleville and escorted him through the woods to the West of Caen where we met with CoST Marines and picked up an artillery track. My Sheep all clambered onto the track and the Marines fanned out to provide security as we escorted the track to our FOB. We encountered the CDF buggy along the road approaching from the front. When it saw us, it made like a mouse droid, backed up and sped off away from us. The buggy attempted to move around to the rear of our collumn and upon doing so deployed a squad of CDF personell. CDF then engaged the Black Sheep and the CoST Marine element; however, were very quickly neutralized by superior fire power. That was the only resistance we met escorting the track to the CoST FOB. Now, I don't know if this was a specific mission given to CDF by admin staff to attempt to give a little resistance to our mission as the only UFS forces we engaged were four random rifleman during our escort of Dwayne or if CDF deliberatly engaged us for another reason. Yet, there is no doubt that it was CDF. This was the only time I saw CDF attack CoST forces the whole weekend, but if it happened to me, there certainly could be merit to some of the other claims. Simply because Eric or you or Rob didn't do it, doesn't mean everyone else played by your rules. /hugs
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