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  1. yeah I know they do, just it seems any local field games are rare. what I was trying to get across is I want to find a piece of land that we can play on a more regular basis, like at least twice a month. for those of us that like field play more.
  2. Yeah I know of SoGo but does no one organize field games or am I just blind?
  3. Hey guys, I moved to Springfield a little over a month ago and it seems we are lacking field play. I have been part of Airsoft Nebraska for years, and I am looking to get a group formed and maybe a forum centered around field play. I am used to there being a field game almost every weekend with Airsoft Nebraska and want to get something like that going in Springfield. What I am ultimately looking for is a land owner that we can pay to use their land about twice a month, with waivers and such of course. Anyone got any ideas or know anyone in this area? Thanks for the help! -Dager
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