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  1. Removed - should've read full thread first
  2. Hi everyone, have a COST rifleman ticket for sale - price $185 via PayPal.
  3. Couldn't of said it any better....Specs on the ball. To reiterate about the less is more...it's funny cause when I started airsoft and going for a MilSim loadout I thought I would load up on gear to have everything that I needed. But the more I added, the more I was taking off as my MilSim game was progressing. Now what do I run? I have a 3 mag kangaroo pouch, a repro fastmag on my left, a covered mag pouch on my rear left, a radio pouch for my bandages, a crotch pouch for quick access and a MAP for hydration and first aid....that's all One thing that has been helpful for me is really digging into Special Forces (MARSOC, SEALs and SFOD-D) gear and how they configure and use their gear. I read (alot) about advantages/disadvantages along with my own personal experiences. At the end of the day - gear is about how operational YOU are. Try different configurations and find how you operate most efficiently....trust me, if you take it seriously and want to continue to improve, you will never be satisfied and will always be changing gear out to be more and more efficient. Fight Light!
  4. Here is an AMS post of the MMX checklist. I've used this for all events and it's never served me wrong: http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1170-mmx-kit-check-list/ As far as food goes. For me personally, I like fruits and canned veggies as they are good, good for you, and easy cleanup. I bring protein bars to supplement and keep snackage on the field. I will generally use beef jerkey as meat during the weekend. I've never gone through more than (1) gallon of water during a (2) day event. But you know the rule, 1 is none and 2 is one. I recommend to have some gatorade. These are great during recovery times.
  5. Some of those names look familiar from Ironhorse - looking forward to operating with you guys
  6. I have used the MMX checklist and it has never failed me: http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1170-mmx-kit-check-list/ As a general rule, I bring everything. A nice thing is that there are vendors as these events that can generally supply the things you might forget or discover you need. Additionally, most of the AO's have nearby locations with big box stores etc.. so it's not like you will be stranded in the middle of nowhere. My general experience as someone who plays airsoft alone (I'm 36 so most people my age around me don't have the same hobby) is that the community is good at supporting eachother and will generally welcome you in. You'll have your exceptions but for the most part folks are cool. Different MilsSim groups have different rules about color/camo requirements. Just read the AMS ruleset for all you need: http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/forum/23-ams-rules-and-regulations/ I don't fly with my gear (too much stuff) so I tend to play at AOs that are within touching states (I am in GA) so I can drive. But I know that others do and can you some tips on such. Best of luck!
  7. Sexy - I'm digging both of these. I've been happy with my PC but am looking for something smaller (JPC size) as I like to fight light and I am getting to the point of reducing my loadout instead of adding to it. Do the LBX PCs not come with sized (L/M/S) cummerbunds? That AK is looking nice too; I've thought of adding one to the armory just to keep something different
  8. Absolutely, unless you are going crazy on your trigger. Remember, this is MilSim and if you're a rifleman, you are semi-auto and having to be disciplined on the trigger. You're not going to go out there and roll full-auto all day. These games are a war of attrition and trigger discipline and controlled fire not only your best friend but also a more realistic experience! For $40 you can get a power converter at Walmart (I have one) that plugs into the 12v or attaches to your car battery and you can hook up to your charger and charge those batteries quick at the field. Or, you can take advantage of some of the vendors available that may have free charging stations up, or if you are staying at a hotel simply plug your batteries in overnight!
  9. Welcome to MilSim - you'll love it! RE: Charging When I was at IH, they had a station setup with chargers but for ~$40 you can get a 12v/car converter at Walmart. I have one of these and it's awesome. Just remember to bring your actual charger. RE: Vendors I've been to only (2) MilSim events and each time there was a sponsored vendor there selling gear and parts etc..
  10. Keep in mind that a single mid-cap contains roughly 4x the number of rounds as a standard magazine. I use 75 round midcaps and carry a total of 6 and had only (1) instance of running out of ammo. Had I been using the standard 120-150, I likely would've been fine. Also, you can refill magazines should you be required to respawn.
  11. I believe if the base color is consistent then you will be good. I run ranger green cams and use an OD helmet.
  12. Pics are not native to the server that AMS.com is hosted on - they're links to external sites/addresses. If those links are invalid (i.e. no longer available, no longer in service etc..) there's nothing for the tag to display.
  13. but let me tell you - after banging my head on obstacles and getting shot in the back of the head by teammates - that $70 has been my best airsoft investment
  14. I wanted a PC for flexibility and started with Condor gear. For newer players, I would always recommend starting with Condor - decent quality gear for the price until you decide that Airsoft is something you want to dedicate your time/dollars to. From there, I now have an AWS Inc. 'operators choice' PC which is a replica 6094. Good good quality kit for the price (less than $200) with good customer service. I think I found out about from the AMS forums, I think somebody had posted a link to it and I fell in love. I think they might have received a C&D from LBT or something cause instead of 6 columns across the front, it has 7..which is (no pun intended) odd.
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