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  1. Awesome. Sounds like you have it covered
  2. I am the AMS Staff Medic, my advice to you is to make sure that your teammates know of your condition and brief them on what they can do if you go down or start having issues, have your supplies accessible. Make sure you have your Diabetic bracelet or tags on and easily visible. Do not over exhaust yourself, no one knows your body better than you, know your limits. Also, ensure that your condition is listed on your AMS registration forms. Get with me at the event if you have any questions or concerns
  3. I was a Radio Operator for an Air Officer in the Marine Corps. It started out as Mac Diesel and got shortened to Diesel by the very first pilot I talked to over the radio. It was my first live fire 9-line exercise with fixed wing aircraft, the pilot kept just calling me Diesel, my Capt. Liked it better than Mac Diesel so it stuck. That was 8 years ago... Diesel
  4. Shut your mouth when you talk to me. The little turd looks just like you, I owe you an ass kicking and this child support you owe is building up fast, break out the check book brother!!! Diesel
  5. Very much so, started out "Mac Diesel" and got shortened to Diesel on the very first live fire 9-line excerise I called in, the pilot I was on the radio with shortened it for me
  6. Very much so... and Croaker, I wouldn't miss out on this for all the chocolate chip cookies in the world Diesel
  7. Lol. You know Frosty loved hearing that
  8. I'm going where I'm going and that's where I'm going. If ya want yourself a watch go and get yourself a watch and stop foolin with the gentleman on the street!!!
  9. Just let it be known that I am here
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