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  1. We're with the UFS Government and we're here to help you. Don't struggle any longer, sign up for your UFS EBT Assistance Card today! It's easy, it's fast, and it can be yours!
  2. I've known Yogi since he first walked on the field. I was his first CO in fact. He was the most inexperienced but positive player that I knew. I don't think he has ever missed an Oklahoma airsoft event since. His dedication and cooperation has earned him a solid place on any team. He gives good advice to the lone wolf. This is a team sport. If you want to go off on your own then you shouldn't be here. I know it is tempting when you're guarding a pond in the middle of nowhere and you're bored and wanting to get into the choas! But if your SL, PL, XO, or CO has given your team a mission then you need to hang with that task until your team is redirected. Simple. It may seem dull or not important but it may be the position that breaks the game open.
  3. I've been going to these OPs for yrs now. In fact, I've been to everyone. The first one started out in Tulsa and it kicked my US Army butt! The best advice I can give anyone is: Hydrate the week before; Good military boots; Plenty of bug juice; High energy snacks; Bring two weapons (your primary will go down); and Throw your cheap radios away (they'll just piss everybody off and most of the time you don't need them anyway). And the most important: Call your hits. Even if you're not sure. Better to be right than wrong and it makes you look better. If it's one of those shots that took skill to make, by all means let the trooper know. A pat on the back is inexpensive and totally appreciated.
  4. ... dey be shootin real bullets Achmed! Check out this Cruise Ship Ad... Sign me up. http://www.tothepointnews.com/content/view/3617/85/
  5. I took my Wife and son to Wash DC for vacation last year during spring break. We toured as many of the Smithsonians as possible, The Wall, saw all the monuments, Congress, visited Chancellorville, the Wilderness and several other Civil War sites. But I wanted my family to see Arlington Cemetary on a clear and free day. We saw the famous Changing of the Guard and the 1500 hr Cassions. What was most amazing was the silence that preceeded and followed. It was as though everyone there knew the passing was honored. We saw where John F. Kennedy is buried, Doolittle, Nemitz, Halsay, and Audie Murphy! There are so many heros and legends buried there that it is hard to believe. The Guarding of the Unknown Soldier never ceases. 24 hours, 7 days, 365, in heat, rain, cold. I learned that the entire valley was owned by Robert E Lee and was confiscated by President Lincoln and Congress after Lee refused to assume command of the Federal Army. The first to be buried were Union casualties from the 1st Bull Run. They were buried in Mary Lee's prized Rose Garden. Robert E Lee never set foot on his confiscated property again but was eventually compensated. It's one vacation that my son enjoyed, will always remember, and will tell his children about.
  6. Cafe LOL, MREs LMAO, Last year I found a nice rotten tree down by the creek that had fallen...the Grubs were especially fat and tasty!! Doc and I both chowed down...tasted like chicken.
  7. My Opinion: Which concealed handgun you chose is a matter of simple comfort. It's what fits you best. I am comfortable with the knock down capability of a .45. It's what I trained with for years in the military and I've never used anything else. I've had probably every make and model from Star to Llama, to Colt. Small and large frames and everything in between. My personal carry is the Colt Lightweight Commander. I have completely retooled my Colt with Wilson Combat internal and external accessories and I am completely confident that what I carry will take the bad guy down! I use the Wilson Practical LowCut Front Speed Holster riding just above the belt line. It has no thumb safety but uses a tension screw. I also use their 185 Grain TAC-XP Loads. The ammo is a bit more expensive but it is made for the 4 inch specifically. I've never been satisfied with standard magazines until I bought the stainless steel custom mags from Wilson. They release effortlessly for combat reloading. Nothing like having a mag stick at a crucial moment! I have a couple of friends that purchased the 380s and they seem pretty happy with their choices. It's small enough for ease of concealment but packs a substantial punch when it counts. Just remember, what fits your hand probably won't fit hers. I found that out the hard way! Finally resting on the .38! Hope this helps. http://shopwilsoncombat.com/
  8. LOL, all this because of one loco yahoo! I love it Doc! Hell, man we know who we are, it's written in our scars, printed on our faces and engrained in our stares! But if someone wants to trust and verify, np. I got my documentation. It's all good... Cpt, USA, Ret.
  9. OK OK point taken. I surrender! Let's see, where is that white flag of mine?
  10. I knew you'd find us eventually. Welcome man!
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