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  1. Thanks guys! Any info on the mortars? They were being used on the church as well by a guy with a beard and a systema ptw. They were the bike pump powered ones. Maybe not my cup of tea, but I would like to know how they were built either way.
  2. During the Sunday Evolution I was in the church in Coleville (UFS Side) and there was a guy up there with me who had a home-made CO2 powered PVC rocket launcher. It fired the regular old 2" nerf rockets and was shoulder fired. I was just wondering who that was and if I could get a hold of some plans for how to make one. I think he was with the group who later used mortars from the church but I could be wrong. Thanks in advance!
  3. Check in with one of the Delta 4-2 Guys (UFS). I think one of them lost an Iphone and I never heard if he got it back.
  4. I know this is kinda late but I have ressearched this extensively, and am new to the forum. If I started new I would use a HSGI suregrip with tacos and a g-code holster (or any brand) as well as an endom dump pouch. I tried a huge suregrio on (Like 8 inches too big) and when I jumped in it, it didnt even move. After wasting money on a condor belt, I would start off higher end. -Voodoo (Colorado)
  5. I have been using them for a little while now (over a month). At first they were EXTREMELY tight, but after leaving the mags in for a while they got better. Now, they are looser now but still have great retention. They have also deformed a bit (into the shape of the mag) but that is perfectly fine in my opinion. Wile they are difficult to re-index/insert with one hand, thats not what I use mine for. I use mine to feed a secondary source such as a battle belt or the left of my chest rig that has fast mags or tacos. I like the clean look, and I am expecting mine to last a long time. Hope this helps if anyone is looking at getting any (since it looks like you already ordered yours Jp). -Voodoo (Colorado).
  6. I have an A&K M249 para that I might be willing to trade. Fielded once. Upgraded. The trigger needs some tweaking and it would be good to go.
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