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  1. I will cry if I want to. I call it voicing an opinion. It has been tried by many other promoters and failed. And you know how shitty communication is at these events. Go read a few aars from previous events just in case you've forgotten. Iron clad would be a good starting point
  2. Do we need to buy milsim west tournigeuts as well? There was a reason I played AMS and not MSW. How much blank ammo should I bring?
  3. If 7 is plenty you must be respawning and reloading a lot.
  4. Yeah its only my 10th AMS event to attend. Not use to the long delays yet.
  5. No outcome yet for Rebel Yell?
  6. Stuff happens. It's not like you quit because your team was behind. You got sick. We had to leave Sunday morning due to flooding at home. I hate that we had to leave but, family and health come first
  7. Weather ended up being perfect.
  8. Parks

    HPA fills?

    $25 for 3000psi / unlimited refills as long as someone is manning the fill station.
  9. Thats why I reminded people to pack rain gear and not Hazmat suits.
  10. Better pack rain gear in your factions base color. It's going to be a wet one.
  11. These still have a sizable gap on the sides. A bb from behind could find its way in.
  12. Just heard it but apparently it happened yesterday
  13. A shooting is being reported at camp shelby. Not much info but apparently someone fired at troops while they were training.
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