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  1. Barnwell has a few fast food kinda places, pizza, etc and a Walmart in town. There's also a LOT more restaurants in Aiken which is probably 30 minutes out.
  2. It's okay... I've got M90 I'm not allowed to wear either, lol. I save it for the local stuff.
  3. Ebay is your friend. I bought a multicam Massif shirt on ebay (brand new with tags) for $30 and a set of crye pants for $50. And at least the gear doesn't have to match. Go tan with whatever ya need and boom. All set. There's absolutely NO reason you need to break your bank acct to play.
  4. The husband's face after this weekend at Faded Giant 4... Always full seal:
  5. I don't remember ever seeing a detailed schematic like that... Just the overhead building maps. It was awful fun to get "lost" in some of those buildings.
  6. Definitely a big mix of column a and column b. Lots of outdoor areas, long hallways, tight corners, dark areas, etc. Oodles of fun.
  7. Sisu


    Shut the front door. I'm so excited about this it's insane. Like, I'm gonna explode and all that will be left is glitter in camo colors.
  8. Don't ship 'em anything, we gotta make AMS come up to us in New England! Hi Spearhead - we're just across the way in NH from you.
  9. Makes me giggle every time... lol
  10. Thanks for the heads up on this! We'd be coming from Seacoast NH so altitude will definitely be part of the curve! Anyone who hasn't experienced the effect altitude can have on your body is in for a rude awakening, lol.
  11. Too true... We were losing people off the field by squads due to the cold. Rough weekend for CDF.
  12. 1. 5.11 Tactical 2. Tac-Lite Black 3. They fit my teeny hands...
  13. Welcome! Hope to see you out there (and on the local fields once I get out there again)! We're just up in NH so I'm sure we'll run into each other at some point!
  14. Nice, Well hopefully we see ya out there!
  15. Better living through SmartWool and Underarmor. (That's coming from someone who lives in NH and spends more time outside shoveling snow that I care to admit)
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