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  1. Trying to get my platoon trained up on land navigation

  2. Yes. There may still be two more SLAP players but doubtful. I do have to nake one addtion. @Top - Moon just assigned one more to my platoon. What is the best way to communicate the change so that this thread is updated?
  3. Then Yes! We defend these coolers As I understand my commanders (Moon) intent, I am to sacrifice my entire platoon if necessary to ensure he has ample supply of Ho-Ho's for the weekend
  4. Do these coolers have Ho-Hos?
  5. Great experiences. I have done considerble business with them. With as many transactions as I have made a few have had little hiccups - to be expected from time to time. Rick has always made them right and in some cases gone to unbelievable lengths to do so. They have been and will be my first retailer and my number one recommendation. I am certain others may have differing experiences but mine has always been very positive.
  6. I am in the process of highlighting creeks in blue. I wouldn't run a star course with it unless I absolutely had to - alright I would but I wouldn't expect anyone else to. The B&W print will be more than adequately meet our needs for this op. One thing that would be helpful is the playable area for BH3. I was under the impression it was less than that for East Wind.
  7. Color plot was about $40+/-. Did the B&W as a test and am pretty pleased. A little highlighter and definitely functional. Slope of the river is good over large scale but a small scale such as between Airfield and Ste mare eglese needed a little more detail for some of our newer players who haven't seen the field before. Plus creeks aren't great in b&w. Once again, great job. Really well done.
  8. Actually used officemax. $4 for a 24x36 b&w plotter print. What software did you use to generate it? Looks reallu good. I manually put some elevations on my printed copy using the GDB file. Not many just enough to tell which way the slope is going a important points.
  9. Clearly the Lock&Load is a 1961G. Why foesn't it have retention straps on the radio pouches like yhe 1961?
  10. Where's the best place to print the map in 24x36 format on USGS topo paper? I thought MyTopo used to let you upload a PDF to print but can't find that option any more.
  11. As far as I know it is still Desert Digi
  12. Not to hijack the thread and shamelessly plug Kastway but I think speaks directly to the service Kastway offers. Rick has always been amazing when I need help with something.
  13. Got the UFS Marines in the team affiliation. Thanks to Frosty via Moon. Can someone add SLAP to my team affiliation?
  14. How do we register for the Marines?
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