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    Fps limits

    I think it makes things simpler which seems it would be more consistent and less error prone
  2. Alex, Thanks for responding so quickly. I figured you guys were busy with that stuff but wanted ti get it out there before I forgot. And one other thing.... SCUBA Tanks? You mean I finally get to break out the rebreather and do an OTB airsoft op? Sweet! Just kidding of course... but a person can drean, right?
  3. Totally get that and fully agree. I am just running through contingencies for planning purposes.
  4. Getting ready for ESR19-4 and BH5

  5. Getting ready for ESR19-4 and BH5

  6. Alex, I know I am way ahead of the curve so don't feel like you need to answer right now. I am just excited and before I forget I am going to push questions up to be answered at a later date. The 40hr sustainment is not an issue with weapons being the only possible exception. Not the batteries, bbs, etc but the weapons themselves. We all know airsoft weapons are not as durable as real steel. I use KWA and have never had a problem but I always have more than one at the site in case of catastrophic failure. In the post above you said going AWOL and returning to staging will result in a Scout's return to an infantry unit. Clearly humping a second AEG is a feasible but not optimal nor realistic scenario. My thought is to give a locked case to my command/S-4/G-4 to be stored at the FOB? Or I could drop it there prior to setting off on patrol. In the event of a weapon failure and between missions I could then return to the FOB to switch out. Is this acceptable? Thanks, Badger
  7. Ok. That maybe the only improvement needed LOL Like Thumper (Delbs) said - great time and well worth the travel. Great jobs guys! Thanks as always for all the hard work.
  8. Thanks Rick. That's what we were looking for. I appreciate the response.
  9. For the record the AMS ruleset above does not list an age limit. As I understand it 14 is the general min and has been unless: A site requires a different age limit (GTI = 18) or you have a minor waiver/application. I will ask AMS directly for this question.
  10. I was curious if this op had any op specifix age limits. Sorry for asking a stupid question.
  11. Age limit? Valid state/federal inplies 16 or whatever age a state requires for a state issued ID. I ask because one of my teammates wants to bring his 12 year old son. Thanks, Badger
  12. Just realized that I posted in the RDG 13 Archive thread. What do the red lines on the map mean? Off limits?
  13. What does the red line indicate? Field boundary? Off limit area? Thanks, Badger
  14. This may sound silly but check-in is open. I believe all tickets have to purchased in advance. Maybe I am misreading 'register'.
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  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. And that right there defines class and explains one of the many reasons I have a tremendous amount of respect for AMS.
  19. Sorry Doc. Didn't mean to offend or upset anyone.
  20. I have to admit it took a few reads of that rule on MWS before I accepted that it wasn't a joke. It's certainly a unique approach to implementing milsim medical procedures.
  21. I know. I haven't interacted with many organizations that have the open dialog with amd listen to their customer base like you guys. That's why I was curious about your take. Like you I am torn. The fact that products are like this are being designed and manufactured with Milsim in mind is great. But the purpose of a tourniquet in the real world is snignificantly different than in a Milsim game obviously.
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