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  1. If anyone from the southern PA or northern maryland area is going to this op by car or plans on renting a car in OK and thinks they have room for one more weary traveler, please let me know.
  2. Will the Kastaway Store be open tomorrow or do we have to wait until friday?
  3. Sweet, simple, and to the point.
  4. I picked up a new woodland combat shirt from RAP-4 the other day and so far Im really pleased with it. I wore it on a run this morning and It does what its suppose to do, It wicked the sweat away and off of me and kept me cool under my plate carrier. The only thing I didnt like was the underarmor type materiel that the torso of the shirt is made of. I like the Tshirt style material that shirts like crye or LBX use. So I wanted to know, Has anyone else had some expirience with this shirt. If so, whats your take on it? I like that it looks better than the rothco ones but doesnt break the bank with a 30 dollar price tag.
  5. Just when I was all happy about getting to use my lbx
  6. Its fine, thanks anyway Sisu. One way or another I'll get there. Ive passed the point of no return on preparing for this op lol.
  7. Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone was gonna have and empty seat in their carpool going to and coming back from Faded Giant and was going through Md? I live in baltimore and I put the guy Im suppose to be going down with may not be able to make the trip in his car. If anyone has enough space for one more, I would really appreciate it and can help with gas.
  8. Got my callsign when I walked into my ROTC class on the first day of high school and did Rifle Drill in Full BDU. That would seem normal for ROTC if it wasnt for the fact that they were my personal set and everyone else was in civilian clothes. Ever since then, all those that I interact with in airsoft and alot of my friends from High School know me as Rambro, the 2-5 portion was added on about a year later at my first organized Op.
  9. How often is this updated? How can I find out what uniform and head gear I need to be in?
  10. Also, will there be a spot we can charge batteries at?
  11. I'll be carpooling with someone but theyre staying at a hotel and Im camping on site alone. What are some recomended items that I shoud have besides like a tent and sleeping bag?
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