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  1. single shot rule welcome change new medic rule is fine if single shot rule continues, otherwise; revert to prior rule set develop method to better identify POV team affiliation - difficult to determine unless vehicle painted to match team colors revert to high contrast team patches - high contrast patches help identify team affiliation when uniform isn't clearly tan or green. Subdued patches too hard to see. extend check-in hours Friday night extend Saturday's play by an hour - to 5:00 PM
  2. vipertech


    I would be surprised if Gamblers didn't follow the rules...have played with/against them for a bit now and never have a problem. I didn't recognize those faces.
  3. Kat and Vipertech registered to round out SLAP 1-2
  4. Is early Saturday a.m. check-in possible? Two are cleared to attend but unable to arrive until early to mid Friday evening.
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