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  1. Gauge


    Why would we post up our secure frees? Our forum always gets hacked and then we have change everything. It's better this way. Lol
  2. Hey JP are there still barracks slots available? Our sleeping arrangements changed last minute and I'm needing two slots
  3. Leave it to Joejoe to give the damn lat. and long. coordinates. lol
  4. @ Silverwolve..... I am definitely the evil twin. lol. But we have the responsibility as wolves to be cunning and evil. It is what makes MilSim fun for everybody. Hopefully we will meet up at an event and have good times.
  5. I was trying to man but financially its just not a possibility. I dont have enough gear and am lacking some of the more important things. Hopefully when Rebel Yell rolls around I will be in a better position.
  6. How's it going my friends. I've been involved in Airsoft since 2007. I've recently returned to playing after a 4 year absence. Its awesome that there is now a community of Airsofters coming together to collaborate on a larger scale. I definitely can't wait to get to an AMS game in the future.
  7. My callsign is Gauge. I received this several years ago from a friend and former employer due the gauged piercings I have in my ears. lol. It has lived with me ever since.
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