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  2. Custom. "Premium" aegs are not so premium when you open them up and look at what is actually in them.
  3. E-10 should use the woodland variants... Due to their forces being deployed in a more woodland type environment. I suggest that the E-10 Factions use: Flecktarn M90 DPM Not only are these green and make sense for the environment, but they are also different enough from the COST camouflages that the patterns themselves coupled with an E-10 or Blue armband should be more than enough for people to easily identify members of that faction.
  4. Have good, broken-in hiking shoes/boots. Lots of rocks and rough terrain. Drink water, but don't chug it and become waterlogged. Carry a few CLIF bars on you. (Blueberry Crisp are my favorite) Carry 1-2L of water on you. Invest in strong bug repellent. (Repel 100 is good) Maybe sunscreen? Cardio. Do cardio in preparation, although it's probably too late to start for this event. The AO is not that punishing, fatbodies will tell you otherwise. Hydrating weeks, months, etc. in advance and taking random vitamins are a waste of money and do nothing for you. Don't waste time/money on it.
  5. I still say remove the LBX camos. Sierra Dynamics is OK - personally I think grey, navy, and black and multicam black would be better choices. Glad ATACS and Kryptek are gone.
  6. SHS 13:1 gears, SHS High Torque Motor (Or some other high torque motor), rewire to 16 AWG 100% silicone jacketed wiring. Be sure to use the wire only, don't wire in pissant spade connectors in the buffer tube if it's wired to rear - you'll just have resistance and will retard any benefit you would have gotten for having heavier gauge wire. This way the only bottleneck will be the mediocre connection at the motor tabs. Wire to deans, use a 7.4v LiPo. Throw in a mosfet if you want to use a 11.1 LiPo or if you want even better trigger response. And yes, don't waste time/money with a fancy trigger. It's just a curved piece of metal - it's not gonna do much for you other than look cool.
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