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  1. Wts a gen2 polarstar in a noveske body. It has a prowin hop up. The grip and stock is real Magpul products. I only fielded it once at End State. Everything is in good condition and the package is complete with the exception of the mini Lipo battery. I am selling the package for 600.00. I will meet on OKC if the buyer is local. If you want it shipped buyer pays for shipping. Price reduced to 500.00
  2. Nope, I am not a electrician but I can do the basic. I know which wire gauge to use. I just was not sure about the brand, and I wanted to see if someone has used that brand of wire without any issues.
  3. Does anyone know if 16 Awg wire (brand name-Stellar Labs) that I can purchase from a local Radio Shack will work for the rewire in my gearbox.
  4. I need to replace the wires on my m4 gearbox, and I want to know if anyone can point me in the right direction. My question is the wire that can be purchased at a local store the same wire that is used in the m4's. I read that the wires need to be a low resistance wire but I can not find anything about the wires at the hardware store being low resistance. I'm trying to purchase some wire locally before I have to use the last resort of ordering from Evike.
  5. Can anyone help me with information on how to fix the WE m14 ebr gbb expelling all the gas after u pull the trigger. I heard that its the mags that cause the problem but I tested the mags and they don't leak. I also heard the firing pin gets stuck after the trigger is pulled. I have worked on the firing pin by slightly shaving a little bit of metal to keep it from sticking but that did not help. If anyone can help me with some tech help I would be very grateful because I cant find any info on how to fix this problem.
  6. Can anyone tell me if the there will be any other CDF slots open up or is the registration closed. I have two that need to sign up.
  7. I feel the same Metal, Bad Company will be signing up on USF by Monday.

    glock pistol

    No, I am not a WE fan. Being that that I work in law enforcement I want a Glock similar to the my on duty Glock. I have seen the KJ WORKS on Airsoft International magazine but I don't know too much about them or where to buy one new.

    glock pistol

    I'm wanting to buy a Glock gas pistol but I have no idea where to buy or the quality of the brands. I know for sure that I don't want the WE Glock version. Can anyone help with the review and where to purchase one brand new if possible. Thanks Machete
  10. Thanks, I know the store ill give them a call.
  11. I just purchased a polarstar, and I was wondering if anyone knows who fills HPA tanks in the Oklahoma City area.
  12. Well crap End State SOLD OUT. Damn you Santa you screwed me, and Bad Company out of this Op.
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